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2 Ways to Improve our Writing Skills and Become a Better Blogger

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Uncategorized

Savvy internet marketers consider their blog their home on the internet and therefore seek to improve their writing skills to become a better blogger.

Here are two ways that we can implement in our blogging schedule to become a better blogger.

1.  Write Keyword-Rich Posts

There are times you write an article about a topic that answers a question one of your readers asked.  However, it’s recommended that you optimize at least post every week.  A quick way to identify keywords and long-tail keyword phrases on your topic is to use Google keyword tool at or

2.  Create Variety in Your Posting Style

To create variety for your readers, you may want to write posts of different lengths – some long, some short.  This post is an example that. Most of my posts are between 300 and 500 words so to have a post of  less that 200 words took a lot of effort on my part to condense these points.

I’d love to get your opinion…and I promise not take it badly:)  I want you to enjoy your visit to my website.  Which type of post would you prefer to read on my blog?

1.  Longer, ‘meaty’ posts as is my preferred writing style, or

2.  Short, concise posts.

Please leave your comments in the ‘Comment’ section.

4 Comments to “2 Ways to Improve our Writing Skills and Become a Better Blogger”

  1. Jan Verhoeff says:

    I often prefer meatier posts, but when time is short, a short quick read will get read faster.

    However, if I’m researching a topic and find a short post on a site, I generally look to see if the author also has a longer article on the same topic. Most author’s do have longer posts or at least more posts on topic.

    Tags and categories are great ways to find those too. 😉



  2. Melanie Kissell says:


    Great topic and I love your graphic!

    I recently posted about my signature writing style as a blog author. I lean more toward crafting shorter posts versus longer. In a nutshell, my readers seem to like them and have come to expect concise posts from me.

    And, believe me, I like to give my readers what they want! 🙂

    Oddly enough, when I’ve written very lengthy posts in the past, I rarely get any response in the way of comments or Re-Tweets.

    Go figure.


  3. Your point about expecting to see a longer or shorter article on the same topic is a great reminder, Jan, that as writers/bloggers we should not feel that we cannot write more than once on the same topic. There are so many angles that each topic can be looked at that the question many have of duplicate content is really a non-issue in this case. For example, I could find many other ways to write in a longer post on how to become a better blogger.

    Thanks for responding to my question and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  4. Melanie, When I found and selected her I thought of you as she’s a lot like the graphics you usually use. 🙂
    That’s the key: give our readers what they want! Some readers are ‘skimmers’ and if a post is lengthy they’ll just skim over, whereas others like the majority of your readers, like short,concise posts. Still others prefer longer posts but also enjoy posts like your writing style as I do. It would seem that my readers have come to expect longer posts.
    Your readers know what to expect from you and are probably surprised by anything else.

    I do like the idea of creating variety for the benefit of readers with different reading taste, though, so I’ll make sure to mix some short posts in with lengthier ones.


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