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Add Content to Your Website – 3 Ways to Create Web Content

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: online business

Building an online business takes work and a lot of that work will be devoted to providing your readers with great content.  The first place will always be your blog, but if you have a newsletter or ezine, that’s another place where you will always need good quality information.

Write Your Own Article

The term ‘article’ also applies to your posts because you will always way to post to your blog first and then submit these articles to your favorite article directory or directories.  This is the best method as it helps you to establish your credibility and become know as an expert on your topic.  However, it’s not the only way and it’s not always possible to write your own article.

Guest Bloggers

I love to have Guest Bloggers write posts for my blog.  Each one of us has a different writing style and can see one topic from different angles and since the visitors who read my blog are all different, I feel it’s great to offer them this variety.  It also encourages a spirit of community among those of us  in the blogging community, and in similar niches as my readers are introduced to other professionals they may not have otherwise met.

PLR Article Packs

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  PLR article packs are written by someone else (sometimes called a ghostwriter) and sold to website owners.  If you were to Google PLR in your niche you would have large results.  The key is finding good quality PLR that’s sold in limited quantities so that the same information is not available to millions of persons.

Private label articles may be used as is, but I recommend that you re-write them, at least a percentage of the article to allow it to take on your voice and writing style.

I am a member of a PLR website, which provides both free and paid content and  good quality PLR is a part of my membership.  However, I find that when I’m looking for well-written material on specific topics that’s limited in it’s distribution, I go to Nicole Dean’s Easy PLR to purchase PLR articles for use on my website.  These articles have three keys points that are important to me; perhaps to you as well.  1)  They’re offered by a well-known, reputable marketer, 2) They’re well-written and edited for grammar, and  3) Nicole limits the distribution to 100 packs.

It’s important to keep your blog updated regularly.  Do not allow writer’s block to discourage you but take advantage of good quality PLR.

2 Comments to “Add Content to Your Website – 3 Ways to Create Web Content”

  1. Sheila Atwood says:


    I find this post very interesting. It is so simple and so basic.

    I find all three methods make it easy to add fresh valuable content to my sites.

    Nicole Deans PLR is top notch stuff and easy to rewrite.
    Sheila Atwood recently posted..The Weekend Web – Backlinks

  2. And whichever of the three methods you use, Sheila, I always enjoy reading your posts and can usually take away at least one point from them. Thank you. 🙂


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