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Adding the Tweetmeme Button to Your Blog Invites Your Visitors to Take Action

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Branding, Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

During a recent 30-day blog challenge I was part of, I endeavored to visit 3 to 5 blogs each day, read a post on each, and leave a meaningful comment.  I noticed that on many blogs there was a gray rectangular box on the top right-hand of each post that indicated how many tweets had been made on that post.  Under the box was a green box that showed if the post had been tweeted by me on a previous visit or not.  It would show “retweet” or “tweeted.”

I became curious because I had a  widget installed from Add to Any, but this one seemed much easier to use, and if not placed correctly could be overlooked.  Eventually I went to to learn more.  I found out that the Tweetmeme button is a plug-in you need to download and then upload to your Plug-ins in your admin area, after which you click to make active.  It’s been fun using it, but for this post I decided to dig a little deeper, and found that there is a whole lot more that Tweetmeme can do for you.

I’ve included some excerpts taken directly from

1.    The TweetMeme retweet button ‘is for website and blog publishers who want to encourage their audience to tweet their content on Twitter. The button shows a live  count of the number of times your webpage or blog post has been tweeted’. (That’s what I described above).

2.    Email Buttons: You can easily embed an image button into your email which will display a live tweet count for a particular URL. You also have the option to make the button clickable.

3.    Domain Tweet Count:  You  can display a chicklet on your blog showing the count for the total number of tweets your blog has received in a week.

4.    The plugins are supported by WordPress, TypePad and Blogger.

5.    The Bookmarklet feature allows you to ‘quickly and easily retweet and comment on stories across the web with TweetMeme’. … Wherever you are on the web, you can click the bookmarklet and it will bring you to the TweetMeme page for that URL, where you can easily Retweet the story, comment on it, and find out more information.

No, I’m not an affiliate for Tweetmeme, but I felt this could help many of us in our business, especially on our blogs.  If you are already using these features, would you share your experience with us?

Now, please click on the gray button on the upper right hand to retweet this post. Thank you 🙂

8 Comments to “Adding the Tweetmeme Button to Your Blog Invites Your Visitors to Take Action”

  1. Sheila Atwood says:

    I have really liked the tweetmeme button. I use it when I go to blogs and like the content. It is one of the easiest retweet buttons to use.

    I also like it on my blog. Some people do not like to comment, but they will click on the tweetmeme button.

  2. Thanks for leaving your comment, Sheila, and your response to how you use the button. I agree with you that many people will visit but they don’t leave a comment so this becomes a handy tool for them. The only downside to the direct RT, I’ve found, is that unless the person adds RT @….. you don’t know who did the RT and can’t thank them for doing so. Enjoy your day!

  3. lol It looks like great minds think alike. Today, my blog promotes the Tweetmeme button as well. It’s important to make it as easy as possible for your readers to tweet you. If they have to jump through hoops to do it…the usually don’t

  4. I saw that when I visited your blog and had a big smile on my face. I just thought, “We did it again; thinking along the same lines.” 🙂

  5. StevenAB says:

    Great post! 😀


  6. Thank you, Harovia.

  7. Hi Yvonne:

    It is so important to have a share, retweet or button where readers can click and send your blog post to others. People love to share articles with great content to their friends and followers, but how can they if they do not have the necessary tools. Thank you for this post Yvonne. Will resend it to my bloggers on the Continuity Blogging Community on Facebook.


  8. It’s always a pleasure to read your comments, Jane, as you add value to my posts. Thanks for re-sending on the Continuity Blogging Community. I appreciate you. 🙂


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