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Are You Hearing The Sweet Sounds of Success?

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Mindset

Guest post by Melanie Kissell Founder, Solo Mompreneur

Do you S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourself a little more each day to grow your business?

Good!  You’re successful.

Have you found a purpose, a passion, and the drive that stimulates you to get up every day and get back to it again?

Wonderful!  You’re successful.

Are you taking at least one tiny action step every day to add value to the lives of others?

Bravo!  You’re successful.

Success is Not defined by the number of dollars you add to your bank account every month.  It’s defined by your motivation, your creative energy, and your “keep going” spirit.

It’s no secret.  We’re all in business to make money.  But it’s the accumulation of all the small, yet significant successes you experience on your journey that will lead you to financial success.

Here are the jukebox buttons to push so you can start hearing the Sweet Sounds of Success:

1) Avoid Rubber Band Stretching

When you pull a rubber band too hard, it’s going to break.  And so will you if you stretch your business-building commitments too thin.  Joining too many online communities and trying to implement too many marketing platforms at once will lead to chaos and confusion.  Stick with one or two social media venues and three marketing platforms until you have mastered them.

2) Hang On To Some Coat Tails

My suggestion is to find someone you look up to have as a confidante, sounding board, and guide.  If you are unable to hire a coach right now, that’s okay.  Choose someone you have developed a relationship with that you can count on to brainstorm ideas, give you some direction, boost your confidence, and support you when you are feeling overwhelmed.  You may be a solo professional, but you cannot build a viable business alone.

3) Cookie Cutter Doesn’t Cut It

Be yourself.  You hear that all the time, right?  But what does it really mean?  It means that being unconventional as an online marketer and small business owner is acceptable and welcomed.  It’s A-Okay to do things differently than others in your niche.  You don’t have to follow conformity.  You want to strive to brand YOU.  Tell your story and find your voice.  Maybe you will realize success through writing.  Maybe it will be public speaking.  Or maybe your own internet radio show will be the ticket.  You decide!

Embrace and enjoy your journey.  And may you forever hear the sweet sounds of success!


Melanie Kissell is a single mom, big dog lover, avid blogger and affiliate marketer, and founder of Solo Mompreneur.  She works with single women business owners who show great tenacity and passion for their business, but who are short on time, exhausted, and tapped out financially.  Melanie focuses on sharing low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies with her target audience.

9 Comments to “Are You Hearing The Sweet Sounds of Success?”

  1. Melanie,

    Thank you for being a wonderful Guest on my blog, and for the encouraging content of your post. I love the suggestion of ‘hanging on to some coat tails. This is especially true for beginners, but also for those of us who may still struggle to reach our long-term goals. We need support from those who have experienced a measure of success to guide us along the path.

    Warmly, Yvonne

  2. Rob Britt says:

    Great post. I especially agree with the stretching part and it’s not just with social networks. I think many of us (I am definitely in this group) keep looking for that “last missing piece” and instead of completing a program move on to a new program. My two concentrations right now are with Connie Green and Jimmy Brown. even though I get offers for coaching and networking programs all the time, I am just staying the course (no pun intended) with my current mentors. There is so much out there to learn and do, but you have to be selective and the only road to real success is completion.
    Do one thing really well and you will be rewarded.
    my two cents

  3. Melanie Kissell says:

    Yvonne ~

    I made the mistake of trying to do everything myself for the first three years online. After all, I pride myself in being stubborn and steadfast and sure-footed! WRONG attitude. We all need those coat tails in some fashion or another, if only to bounce ideas off someone else and get what we call in medicine, “a second opinion”.

    And doggone it! Building a business is much more enjoyable when you have fellow business builders on your side — People like YOU, Yvonne. 🙂

    Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to be your guest author today!


  4. Melanie Kissell says:

    Great to see you here, Rob!

    I know for certain that you are ‘stretching’ all the time — literally and figuratively!

    I think your philosophy and approach to avoiding confusion and overwhelm by “narrowing” your focus and limiting the number of mentors you follow is WISE. You’re 100% right. The internet is packed with too much information and too many choices, especially in the arena of online marketing. I say, “Go with your gut” and what feels right to you and whatever strategies work best to bring you success. For each of us, those choices will be quite different.

    See you at the top!

  5. Gwen Tanner says:

    Hi Melanie,

    What an excellent post. I understand all too well about your rubber band theory of being stretched so much that you just break down! Giving a small percentage of your time to a large number of things means you are taking longer to be successful at a large number of things! I know some people think they are being focused or productive, but all you’re really doing is keeping yourself busy – you’re not moving forward.

    I totally agree to be yourself! Why be a clone of another person. I know we like to follow a model, but then we all end up as part of the cookie cutter club! If you want to be in a cookie cutter club, then start your own and be the one everyone else follows!

    Thanks to both you and Yvonne for this inspirational post!

  6. Melanie Kissell says:

    Thanks for your wonderful comments and insights, Gwen!

    I have a confession to make. There’s a reason I chose this topic when Yvonne invited me to be her guest blogger today. As of late, I’ve been feeling a bit like a rubber band that’s reached its stretching limits. Been feeling a bit over-committed.

    The good news? I’m doing more of what Yvonne suggested in her guest post on your blog today! And I’m taking the time to pace myself in a way that’s sensible and that works for me.

    And I’m with you — I don’t want to be a member of the “Cookie Cutter Club”! 🙂


  7. Melanie: First I’d like to thank you for ‘holding the fort’ and responding to comments. I’ve been a bit under the weather and away from my computer and so I especially appreciate your response to Rob and Gwen.

    Rob and Gwen: You’ve both made insightful comments that reflect a lot of the turbulence I’m personally experiencing.

    Rob, I admire that you’ve decided to focus on just two Mentors and stay the course as trying to learn from too many at one time not only robs you time learning each method of delivery, but reduces the time you need to implement what you’re learning.

    Gwen and Melanie: You can both relate to what I’m saying and recently I’ve felt that my rubber band is about to burst…and I can’t let that happen. The sweet sound of success (whatever I determine that to be) will only come as a result of focused training, focused effort and time, and focused implementation. “Cookie Cutter Club”? Never one to follow the pack.

    I appreciate you all, and much hugs to you.

  8. Elsy Uemura says:

    Dear Owner, thank you for yor energy, effort and humour in developing this useful website. I’ve passed on the url to friends and family, I have found your material very knowledgeable, I hope your readership grows dramatically!

  9. Thank you, Elsy for stopping by and sharing my website with your friends and family. With readers like you, my readership will grow significantly 🙂 I appreciate your leaving your comments. Yvonne


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