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Being Accountable Leads to Success in Your Small Business

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Direct Sales, Mindset

Last evening I started thinking about what my post for today, Day 10,  in the 30-day blog challenge would be about.  It occurred to me that it should be about accountability – how being accountable leads to success in your small business.  Having an accountability partner who has similar goals is even better, but if that’s not the case just being accountable to a group is a great boost.  Above all it’s important to be accountable to yourself.

Over the eleven years I’ve been in Direct Sales with my areas of specialization being image and  skin care as well as  in the greeting card industry, I’ve been a power partner to other women and I’ve also had great power partners.  We have been there for each other meeting in person or on the phone with updates and progress reports.  We’ve encouraged, supported and even nagged each other, but the goal was always to leap forward in our business and reach the goals we had set for ourselves.

Since starting my online business, I’ve missed having a power partner.  Like many of you experience my family just smile and nod their heads when I’m excited about a breakthrough or an affiliate sale, or a really great teleseminar, etc.  When I say I have to update my blog, they, as well as other friends just ask, “Do you get paid to do that?”  On the other hand, I have found wonderful mentors and supportive online marketers who have helped to keep me on track as long as I make the time to implement the training and strategies.  Herein lies the challenge.  Do I hold myself accountable and make the time or do I put it off?

One of my favorite Mentors, Connie Ragen Green, issued a 30-day blog challenge and this time I decided to participate.  It has been a personal challenge allocating the time as I work both offline and online, but it has made a huge difference in my business, as well as building friendships along the way, one of whom may become my accountability partner.  Our blog challenge group has a hashtag on Twitter – #blog 30, and it creates a feeling of comraderie and achievement when I’m add my post then read what others have posted on their blog.

Because of writing consistently my Alexa ranking has gone up by over 300 points in just a week.  It had fallen drastically as I allowed a month to go by without updating my blog.  I’ve also seen my article go to #1 on Google in a couple of hours because of incorporating keyword research.

The  point is that it is great to have an accountability partner, but if you do not, it is equally important to be accountable to yourself and be consistent as this leads to success in your small business.

How do you keep accountability?  What do you do when you don’t feel like doing what you know you should do for your business?  Please share by clicking on ‘Comments.’

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