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Elevator Pitch Mistake – Focusing on Your Company Rather than Yourself

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur - Network Marketing

This is a guest post by Barbara Lopez, the Elevator Pitch Coach, of Brightfarm Introductions.  Many of us struggle with our introductions when attending networking events; and most of us get tired of hearing, “My name is…and I am a ……of XYZ Company…”  There is a more effective way and Barbara taught me how to create an effective elevator pitch.  Enjoy reading her Elevator Pitch Mistake #3:

Focusing on your COMPANY, rather than YOURSELF

One of the easiest things you can do in your elevator pitch to separate yourself from your competition is to make your commercial about YOU, rather than just your business or company. Next time you listen to a roomful of introductions, listen to how many of them are about a business or a company as a whole – and NOT about what that PERSON can or will do for you.

When you’re attending a networking function, you’re there to do what – make contacts and build relationships, right? Yes, you’re representing your business and quite possibly the best company in your field, but in an introduction it is more effective to concentrate on who YOU are, and what YOU can do to serve their needs.

Let’s say you focus your pitch all about your company, something like “I’m Barbara with ABC Company and WE do this, and WE do that”…you’re only introducing the COMPANY, and not establishing yourself as the PERSON to go to…the PERSON who can solve a problem that they may currently be struggling with.  People aren’t attending networking events to connect with companies, they’re there to connect with PEOPLE.

How can you avoid this mistake?

Easily – by making sure you’re talking about what YOU do.  Replace the word “we” with “I”.

When you introduce yourself for the very first time, people are automatically sizing YOU up, not your company.  In the flash of 30-seconds, they are determining in their minds if you are:

Professional: Are you serious about who you are and what you have to offer, or are you a fly-by-night business person?
Able to articulate clearly what you do: Can they understand the problem that you can solve for them and how you can help them?
Good at what you do: Can they tell that you are skilled and knowledgeable in your field?  Are you positioning yourself as an expert or leader in your industry?
Approachable: If they determine they have the problem you can solve for them, do they feel comfortable approaching you to help them solve it?

Yes, they are sizing you up in all of these areas in your first 30-second introduction, which is why it is so important to introduce yourself, and not just talk up your company.

Keep in mind:  Your company is the vehicle that provides the solution to someone’s problem, but YOU are the driver!  And people really want to get to know the driver.

Missed any previous mistakes?  Go to Mistake #1 and Mistake #2.

Barbara Lopez, “The Elevator Pitch Coach” with Brightfarm Introductions, teaches business professionals a simple 4-step process on how to introduce themselves with high impact so that they stand out and are remembered.  Everything in business starts with a BRIGHT introduction.  If you’re ready to learn how to introduce yourself and your business professionally and comfortably, visit Barbara at

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  1. I appreciate the points Barbara highlighted in this article and feel this is especially applicable if one is in Direct Sales. Thousands of people may represent the same company. An effective elevator pitch will quickly identify what separates you/me from the next salesperson/consultant/distributor. It helps people to decide why they should do business with you/me.

    Thanks Barbara.


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