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Find Your Passion, Love What You Do, and Enjoy the Process

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Mindset, Time Management

Many of us go through the daily motions of life and spend our time keeping busy at being busy.  The pace of life and the constant demands on our time make it necessary to squeeze as much out of our day as possible.  When was the last time you stopped to question if what you are doing is what you really want to be doing?  What is your passion?

One of the things that was shared with me when I first came online and I, in turn, share with others is that in order to determine the niche you will pursue a starting point is to identify your passion.  The main reason for this is that if you care deeply about a topic or area, you are more likely to stick with it and make a success of it.  This therefore means that once you have identified something that you feel passionate about you basically can start earning from it.

My desire has always been to help people by teaching, training and  sharing but the children’s classroom was not for me.  This is one reason why I thoroughly enjoyed working in Human Resources as I found many opportunities to help and train others.  Later I again found delight in and am passionate about helping teaching women how to take care of their skin and feel better about themselves, as well as working with the women on my team to help them build their own businesses successfully.  Because of my passion for helping others achieve their goals, I delight in posting to my blog in the hope that something that I write will resonate with someone.  Perhaps he or she will get another thought that can help him or her to see a point more clearly or may get a new perspective to a challenge they have.

I’ve found that when you love what you do you do not regard it as being tedious, so you enjoy doing it.  You may not always be able to do it as often as you would like and you may not reach a specific goal, but that’s a part of having a goal.  If you miss the deadline, don’t give up.  Set another deadline and work toward meeting it.

Today marks the end of a 30-day blog challenge I was in.  The challenge was to write 30 posts in 30 days.  I wrote 20 posts in that time-frame and although I did not complete the challenge I found this so true, “Reach for the moon and you will fall among the stars.”  I became acquainted with so many wonderful writers and marketers who each have something to offer in their own niche.  The other benefit is that when I receive questions that I’m not able to answer I will have a wider scope of people to refer others to.

Find you passion, love what you and keep working at it so you’ll enjoy the process.  You may even earn your income from it.  Is there something you are passionate about but don’t feel it’s practical to work on right now?  Please share your thoughts in the ‘Comments’ field.

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