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How to Move Forward in Your Online Business – Part One

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Direct Sales

The definition of an Internet Newbie is very subjective.  For some it could mean just getting started; for others they consider themselves a Newbie until they have made their first $1,000 from their marketing efforts.  Still there are others who consider themselves Newbies even though they have had a presence on the Internet for more than a year.

Regardless of where you are in the “Newbie” stage, your desire should be to move forward in your online business.  No one wants to or can follow a parked car…it’s going nowhere, and unless you are on online just for fun or as a hobby, you will want to take steps to move forward.

1. Do you treat your internet marketing as a business? Then you must do something in and for your business everyday.

2. It’s often said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” Are you a self-starter and are you self-motivated?  You must take action to implement what you re learning.  Sometimes you could over-analyze the pros and cons for so long that it leads to paralysis.  I was guilty of this for a long time, not only in my online business but also in my Direct Sales business several years ago.  A simple statement by a Direct Sales leader helped to get me to see beyond my own limiting beliefs.  She pointed out that all the lights are never going to be green at the same time, but you keep going and will eventually reach your destination if you don’t let the red lights stop you altogether.  Simple illustration that had a big impact on me.

3.  F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real. So many of us struggle with fear of failure.  Oddly enough when you take the plunge, many times you realize that the fear was much worse that the reality.  Do not be afraid to fail forward. It’s unavoidable but you can learn from your mistakes. Each time you fail or fall view it as a training ground, sometimes a hard one, but the experience will make you stronger and less likely to make the same mistake. Think of the gymnast or ice skater who takes home the Olympic gold.  He or she did not get there without some tumbles, but they never gave up; they got up, and kept going. Will you?

4.  Stop being busy with tasks unrelated to your business.  Ask yourself, Is what I’m doing going to take me to the next level or stage in my business?  There’s nothing wrong with taking care of administrative tasks but they must be done after your key tasks for your online business are completed. An area I still struggle with is releasing tasks by outsourcing them.  And this may be something you cannot afford to do initially, but as soon as you can take advantage of Virtual Assistants who can save you lots of time so you can focus on what is going to make you move forward in your online business.  I’m finally working with a Webmaster as I recognize that he can do things much better and faster than I can and that’s helping me to move forward in my own business.

Look for Part 2 in 3 days.

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  3. Niche Generator says:

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  4. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments. I appreciate the compliment and invite you to subscribe either by entering your name and e-mail in the opt-in box or just click on the button below that to subscribe.

  5. Link Building says:

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  6. Link building: Your comments are appreciated and I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. I use Hostgator and a link to them can be found in the “Resources” section of this website.

    Discount Broker: Thank you. I make every effort to research topics I write on so that even if I’m familiar with it, the information should always be current 🙂

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  8. Hi Dorotha, I’m glad you found my blog (by accident). Thanks for the compliment. I visited the site listed with your comments and found that it was an article directory. Would have enjoyed reading your article but could not identify which was yours. If you read this message, please reply with info. Thanks, Yvonne

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