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How To Use a To-Do List to Maximize Your Time In Your Home-Based Business

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business


Most home-based and small business owners have expressed the
wish that there were more hours in the day. 
Many times at the end of the day we try to evaluate what we accomplished
for the day and are shocked to find that while we felt we were busy, we seem to
have little to show in actual productivity. 
Could we be spinning our wheels like the little hamster but going
nowhere?  I’ve found that when I create
and use
a To-Do list, this makes a significant difference in the structure of my day.

Here are 5 suggestions that have worked for me in maximizing
my time

1.  Create a Weekly Plan Sheet. 
At the beginning of every week enter on that sheet your most important
activities: business, family, personal etc. This list will go on the door of
your office or your refrigerator.

2.   Each night make your Three – Six Most Important Things To Do
List.  I used to write a list with 6
things but found that a little challenging. 
Now I select my most important 3 activities in each category.  This list will be in my Planner. Once those
are accomplished, everything else seems to be a bonus.

3.  This step is optional, but very helpful.  I write these activities on a “Design My Day”
sticky pad that’ divided into hourly segments, which stays in my Planner.  If I’m behind I can adjust and get back on

4.   Plan your route as you schedule activities away from
home.  It is so frustrating when you
realize that you traveled 5 or 6 miles to an office then you had to see a client
at their home but you forgot that they were 5 minutes from the office until you
left the area.  You will save time,
energy and money.

5.   Any tasks that were not completed on a given day can be
carried forward to the next day, but those would not have been top priorities
for the day as your most important things were done first.

A To-Do list will keep you organized and maximize your time
so you can accomplish more in your home-based business.


Yvonne Jones is a home-based entrepreneur who works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to build and maintain relationships with their clients through regular communication.  To learn more about how this can be done easily and effectively, visit her website at

She also partners with women to develop a skin care program to meet their specific needs. To learn more, visit her blog at

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