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How to Use Yahoo! Answers to Attract Traffic to Your Website

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, goal setting

The main concern and goal for everyone who markets a business online is to get traffic or people visiting their website.  In most cases that website will be  a blog, but your online business may also promote an e-Commerce website

To keep your visitors coming back to your site so they can get to know you, they need to feel that you are an expert on your topic, or at least that you have a good grasp of your niche and can provide good content and advice.

One place you have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and lead them back to your website in at Yahoo! Answers (  Questions on various topics are asked and answers are given.  People are genuinely looking for help from experts on topics that they need more information on.

When you are able to provide solid answers to questions in your niche or within your scope of knowledge and expertise, you build your credibility and gain exposure.  Because you can post a link to your website, you are also likely to receive traffic from Yahoo! Answers to your website.

It’s quite easy to find questions you can give answers to by searching under various topics or use keywords to find questions under “Recent” or “Popular”.

If you already have a Yahoo! Account, your Username and Password can be used to access Yahoo! Answers.

Have you had success with driving traffic to your website using Yahoo! Answers? Please share.

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