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Make Your First $100 Online

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Uncategorized

Making $100 does not seem like such a big deal in the offline world, but making your first $100 online seems to be a much greater achievement.  Do you remember the first $100 you made online?  Or, have you made your first $100 online?  You may be new to the internet or just recently started your business.  On the other hand you may have been online for sometime, but it just has not happened.  Do no despair; it can and will happen.  It’s easy to feel that you are a failure because others seem to be achieving success at a faster pace.  There is nothing wrong with you as a person; you may not have been shown how to do so.

I remember when I got my first affiliate sale how excited I was, then my second and it seemed to stop for a while.  It was challenging for me to continue because I was used to seeing growth quickly in my business in the offline world.  But I persevered and I am so glad I did.  As I continue to learn the various ‘how to’s’ correctly, I have the opportunity to share this information with others.

One of the persons I’ve learned from is Kathleen Gage and was most recently in her VIP Program.  Kathleen has produced some amazing reports and her “Discover How to Make Your First $100 online” is chock-full of information that when applied will propel you forward.  Kathleen has been charging $17 for this report, but on June 1st the price goes up to $27.00.  I would recommend that you get a copy of this report before the price goes up.  She will also be including an MP3 for a limited time.  This report, along with others by Kathleen like, 5 Simple Steps to Money-Making visibility for Your Blog have been of tremendous benefit.

Order Kathleen’s “Discover How to Make Your First $100 Online” before the price goes up on June 1st!

2 Comments to “Make Your First $100 Online”

  1. Melanie Kissell says:

    Good points, Yvonne! I believe the transition from working in the offline world to becoming an online marketer is a challenging one for most of us.

    We’re so accustomed to getting a regular paycheck in exchange for the hours we work. You really have to shift your mindset (BIGTIME) and do whatever it takes not to get flustered and frustrated once you become an independent business owner.

    I think the affiliate marketing model is perfect, even after you have your own products to promote. I love affiliate marketing!

    Write On,

  2. Thank you, Melanie. I especially like your statement, “You really have to shift your mindset (BIGTIME)” which is why I focus on adopting the right mindset first when I talk with my clients about starting a business online. I’ve been in Direct Sales and other offline businesses that you just knew how to make money quickly so it does take that shift in mindset with online businesses.

    Always enjoy and appreciate your meaningful comments!
    Regards, Yvonne


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