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Making Money Online: 3 Myths About Internet Marketing that Can Trap Beginners

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Mindset

Millions of people turn on their computer every day with the hope of making a good income online.  Many do so for the very first time because they’ve heard stories of people making money online and they want to capture their share.  The statistics are rather alarming as to the failure of many of these start-ups as it’s been said that 90 percent of these new businesses fail within the first 120 days.

People are making money online, but in order to be sure that you are not one of those who fall into those statistics, let’s look at three myths and how to avoid them:

Myth #1: When I work for myself I have total freedom; I no longer have a boss:

  • True, when you work for yourself you do enjoy more freedoms, but freedom is relative, not total.    You will have freedom to choose the hours that you work, but you do have to work at and in your business. You may find that in the beginning you may need to put in almost 40 hours in working for yourself to get your business to the point where you can work only 2-3 hours per day.
  • Regarding the myth that you no longer have a boss, you would be highly mistaken.  YOU are your boss!  You will no longer have someone else prodding you and telling you what you need to do, but you will need to adopt the mindset of a boss very quickly.  You will be required to make decisions that will affect your business, yourself, and your family, if applicable.  Developing management skills like, time management, decision-making, and goal-setting skills will be essential to your success.

Myth #2: I’m not starting a business in a store or other brick and mortar location so I do not need to have a business plan:

  • Not having a business plan is a roadmap for failure right from the get-go.  I can confirm this from my own experience.  When I first started online in 2008 I had no solid plan for where I wanted my business to go.  I had a successful business offline and was not sure whether I wanted to bring this business online or go in another direction.  As a result I floundered for about six months.
  • Starting a business online is like any other business and the principles and guidelines of business must be followed in order to succeed.  You need to determine what your goals are for the business that you are starting online and what your focus area or niche will be in so that you will know where you’re heading and what steps you’ll need to take to get there.
  • It’s understood that if you are new to making money online you may not be able know what to expect and what you need to do in all areas.  That is why it’s important to spend some time doing research before you decide to develop a plan and launch a business to make money online.

Myth #3: The Internet offers a level playing field for ‘anyone’ to get rich quickly:

  • It is possible to make money on the internet.  Many people with legitimate businesses do so every day.  What you may not be told by some of these people that it did not happen overnight.  For some it took years of hard work to build their income to where it is today.  You will not know what stretegies they may have had to implement and how many thousands of dollars they lost before they finally saw success.
  • The Internet does offer a playing field but it’s only level if you have all the facts and are willing to do the work rather than fall victim to those who would readily help you to part from your money.  Do not allow the promise of making fast money to lure you into parting with your money.  Only a very minute percentage of people make it big overnight, and these are usually people who were already successful offline and has just transferred their skills and network to the online world.

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8 Comments to “Making Money Online: 3 Myths About Internet Marketing that Can Trap Beginners”

  1. Sheila Atwood says:

    This is a great list of things we often believe when we start our own business.

    Having a business plan is a must. And so is actually being your own boss is too. No one else is going make things run.

    I think that no matter what playing you enter, you better plan on working to be a success. It is easy to buy the big dream of instant riches. Remember the gold rush!

  2. And that’s one of the reasons why many people fail; they are not prepared to work as hard for themselves as they would for an employer, even if they hate their job. The gold rush proved to be just an illusion for many, and that’s what having an online business will be if we’re not prepared for the reality. Thanks, Sheila:)

  3. Gregory Durden says:

    Solid advice on all three points. The illussion of quick riches is even more prevalent in cyberspace, but still an illussion in most cases. Having run an online business for over ten years, I’ve encountered many who fall prey to the myths.
    Being ones own boss offers both rewards and challenges, but make no mistake about it – it’s not for the faint of heart or those embarking without a solid plan!

  4. Well said, Gregory, and I agree with your point that it’s not for the faint of heart. Having had on online business for 10 years means that you have seen a lot and you know that it takes hard work to succeed. But it’s so worth it isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yvonne

  5. Melanie Kissell says:


    How refreshing to read a post that simply tells it like it is!

    Myth #2 reminds me of a Blog Talk Radio show I listened to yesterday morning presented by Coach Jane Lee. Her show was all about the essentials of developing a business and marketing plan. Some folks feel intimidated by the notion of creating a plan and get really tripped up because they think it has to be something long and elaborate. Not true! Your business plan can be a couple of pages or maybe even just ONE page.

    Thanks for giving your readers genuinely helpful tips here, Yvonne.


  6. Thanks for adding your insightful comments, Melanie. You said it all! I missed Coach Jane’s Blog Talk Radio show but hope I can catch the replay.

  7. Melanie Kissell says:

    For sure, Yvonne – you’ve got to head over to Blog Talk Radio and see what Jane is up to! And she’s looking for volunteers who want to be guests on her show — How about YOU?! I think you’d be a wonderful candidate.

    No pressure. 🙂


  8. I’ll definitely head over there. As to the other…..hmmm. Let me think about it… after I’ve listened, but thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂

    Much hugs,


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