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Procrastination – Are Your Fears Holding You Back?

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

It has been determined by researchers that a major cause of procrastination is the fear of something.  The major types of fears that affect home-based business owners are:

  • Fear of Change:  A critical concern to entrepreneurs who've taken the step to work from home for themselves is money.  Many persons were accustomed to receiving a fixed salary and until you become well-established in your niche, you may not make money on a regular, consistent basis.  There is also the change in routine.  Although the decisions have been made, if allowed, just these two aspects of change can immobilize you so that you fail to take the necessary steps to success in your home-based business.
  • Fear of Failure: We have been conditioned from childhood that our worth and self-worth equate with success.  In school it was important to maintain high grades; pass tests and exams; strive to be one of the 'gifted', be in first place or at least be in the Top 5.  Anything less was not acceptable.  Starting a home-based business could cause these fears to rear their ugly head and create doubts in your ability to achieve.  Turn "What if I fail?" into "If I fail to procrastinate, I will succeed."
  • Fear of Success:  This may seem very odd.  Why would anyone fear success?  Succeeding in the goals you've set for working from home may actually increase your revenues and therefore increase the steps you may need to take to maintain the level you've achieved or expand and grow.  Not everyone wants this type of success.  You could therefore sabotage your progress by putting off what needs to be done, procrastinating as a measure to defeat your progress. 

These fears are very real to the persons who are affected by them, but every effort should be made to determine how you would handle them if you should be affected.  This will allow you to proceed with the required tasks and not allow procrastination to hold you back.

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