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Relationship Marketing Using a Unique Greeting Card System

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Uncategorized

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How many times you’ve been out shopping and as you walk back through your door you recall that you should have bought some greeting cards?  Have you ever suddenly remembered that it’s your best friend’s Anniversary in a week’s time and you have not mailed her a greeting card, or even purchased it yet?  How many times have you thought of sending your clients a “thank you” card but the thought of writing 20, 30 or 50 cards is so daunting you never get started?

I know this happens because it used to happen to me.  I’ve also had people tell me in March that they have unwritten cards they should have sent out in November or December of the previous year but it was such an overwhelming task that it got started but was not completed.

Send Out Cards is a unique greeting card system with a complete online service that allows you to send a physical, glossy greeting card from your computer that’s delivered through the US Mail.  It is cost-effective as each card with postage costs less than the average price of a regular greeting card.

The greeting card system allows you to leverage your time.  Once your contacts are entered in the system, you can type the message once and select all of your contacts, who will receive a card with their individual name in the salutation. An actual postage stamp is on the envelope, not a metered stamp.

Send Out Cards offers a selection of over 13,000 cards in various categories to suit business and personal needs.  Further, with this system you will never forget any of your customers or friends and family special days as once you fill in the information, the system will remind you in advance of any upcoming dates.

Would you like to see how this system works by sending a greeting card from your computer?  Go to and click on “Send a Free Card.”  After you send your card, I’ll be happy to send you a copy of my report “One Dozen Reasons to Send a Follow-Up Card.”

5 Comments to “Relationship Marketing Using a Unique Greeting Card System”

  1. Judy Stone-Goldman says:

    Congratulations on day 31 of the Blog Challenge! Doesn’t it feel good?

    This is a really interesting idea, and you are so right–we never have the cards we want, when we need them.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

  2. Thank you, Judy. Yes, it feels very good to have accomplished a challenging goal but it was definitely worth it. Congratulations to you as well because I read on your blog that you successfully completed the challenge. I’ll be going back there to read more and hope we can stay connected.

    I really love using Send Out Cards especially for the convenience. 🙂

  3. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. My Twitter handles are @YvonneAJones and @SkinandImage

  5. Casey Burnham says:

    Your post has 100 % surpassed my expectations. From when I started browsing your site I have learned brand-new information and facts and had old information strengthened. I will refer certain men and women i know.


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