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Say “No” and Increase Time In Your Business

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

If you work from home you invariably have multiple responsibilities.  You may be a work-at-home-woman, possibly a Mom.  You may be a work-at-home-man, possibly a Dad.  Your reasons for working from home may differ, but ultimately the goal is the same: To earn an income from the business activities you engage in from home.  Note that I mentioned “from home.”  While home is the base for many of us, our actual work activities may take us away from home for chunks of time, while those involved in Internet Marketing only may spend more time at home.

How about you? At the end of the day do you often find yourself asking, “Where did the time go?”  Do you have a schedule for your business?  Do you stick to your schedule or do you find yourself constantly engaged in non-business activities during designated business hours?  Do you find it hard to say “No” to various requests from friends and family?  An honest response to “Where did the time go” may reveal that your fear or reluctance of saying “No” to others could be contributing significantly to valuable loss of time that should be spent in your business. Remember that whatever fear you may have of offending others may be only based on your perception and not necessarily on the reality of how others will respond when you explain your priorities.  I’ve done the same thing in the past, especially when I had visitors.  Even though I love them I would silently resent the intrusion  because I felt I had to spend time making more meals, talking with them , etc.   Interestingly I’ve come to realize that once I explained to my visitors the hours I needed to spend working in my business, they understood and were willing to help themselves more. Learning to say “No” may require a change in your mindset, but good judgment and proper planning will allow you to spend more time in your business.


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