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Business Blogging Success – Put Another Log On The Fire

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Mindset

Featured “Monday Writer” – Melanie Kissell

This week I received a fabulous and totally unexpected surprise in my inbox – not the typical kind of mail I’m accustomed to weeding through every day.

Sheri Kaye Hoff of Life Is Joyful invited me to be a presenter in her Fall Success Summit.  Welcomed opportunities like this don’t come down the pike every day!

Now please don’t run away – this is not a pitchfest.

This is a prime example of what can happen when you understand how your business blog can bring you the successful results you’re looking for.

The biggest goal for business blogging is never give up – keep blogging!

We all want to be successful at what we do, but we must remember that to have a successful online presence takes time, as well as a considerable amount of energy, determination, and passion.  A willy-nilly approach will lead you straight down Disappointment Avenue.

So what’s the big secret to business blogging success?

Simple – Just keep adding logs to the fire.

Not only do you need to keep the embers burning with your target audience and your loyal readers, you need to make a heart-centered, conscious effort to connect with other bloggers.

Establish a “core” of bloggers in your niche or industry and start building community.

Just do it!  It works.

Read their posts, leave worthwhile and valuable comments, subscribe to their RSS or opt in to receive their freebie offer, invite them to be a guest blogger, follow them on social media venues, brainstorm with them, link to their posts when possible, and ask what you can do to help them.

In other words, to keep the fire burning …

“Engagement” and “Interaction” with the authors of blogs in your area of expertise and what you’re passionate about are the two best strategies for business blogging success.

If you’re interested, here’s a Free Blogging Tips E-book by James King.  I am not affiliated with James in any way and there’s NO opt in required.  I just happen to think he’s got some doggone good advice that can help you enjoy more positive and long lasting results with your blog.

Melanie Kissell

“Attending to your personal survival as a woman entrepreneur”

Melanie shares blogging tips and budget-friendly marketing strategies with tenacious and passionate women entrepreneurs who are short on time, exhausted, and tapped out financially. Stop by and knock on her door at Solo Mompreneur.

Are You Hearing The Sweet Sounds of Success?

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Mindset

Guest post by Melanie Kissell Founder, Solo Mompreneur

Do you S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourself a little more each day to grow your business?

Good!  You’re successful.

Have you found a purpose, a passion, and the drive that stimulates you to get up every day and get back to it again?

Wonderful!  You’re successful.

Are you taking at least one tiny action step every day to add value to the lives of others?

Bravo!  You’re successful.

Success is Not defined by the number of dollars you add to your bank account every month.  It’s defined by your motivation, your creative energy, and your “keep going” spirit.

It’s no secret.  We’re all in business to make money.  But it’s the accumulation of all the small, yet significant successes you experience on your journey that will lead you to financial success.

Here are the jukebox buttons to push so you can start hearing the Sweet Sounds of Success:

1) Avoid Rubber Band Stretching

When you pull a rubber band too hard, it’s going to break.  And so will you if you stretch your business-building commitments too thin.  Joining too many online communities and trying to implement too many marketing platforms at once will lead to chaos and confusion.  Stick with one or two social media venues and three marketing platforms until you have mastered them.

2) Hang On To Some Coat Tails

My suggestion is to find someone you look up to have as a confidante, sounding board, and guide.  If you are unable to hire a coach right now, that’s okay.  Choose someone you have developed a relationship with that you can count on to brainstorm ideas, give you some direction, boost your confidence, and support you when you are feeling overwhelmed.  You may be a solo professional, but you cannot build a viable business alone.

3) Cookie Cutter Doesn’t Cut It

Be yourself.  You hear that all the time, right?  But what does it really mean?  It means that being unconventional as an online marketer and small business owner is acceptable and welcomed.  It’s A-Okay to do things differently than others in your niche.  You don’t have to follow conformity.  You want to strive to brand YOU.  Tell your story and find your voice.  Maybe you will realize success through writing.  Maybe it will be public speaking.  Or maybe your own internet radio show will be the ticket.  You decide!

Embrace and enjoy your journey.  And may you forever hear the sweet sounds of success!


Melanie Kissell is a single mom, big dog lover, avid blogger and affiliate marketer, and founder of Solo Mompreneur.  She works with single women business owners who show great tenacity and passion for their business, but who are short on time, exhausted, and tapped out financially.  Melanie focuses on sharing low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies with her target audience.