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Online Business Success – Use Time Wisely

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Time Management

Turn back the hands of timeI just wish I had more time!” “Where did the time go? I just wish I had more hours in the day.” Have you ever made any of those statements or asked that question? In reality you’re saying that you were given less hours than others, but we know that isn’t true. Time is the great equalizer.

W all have the same 24 hours in each day. What makes the difference is how we use those 24 hours. You probably could think of quite a number of persons who seemed to have accomplished a great deal in their lifetime, and often in a short time. They did this within the framework of 24-hour days.

Are you discouraged with how little you seem to accomplish while others seem to accomplish a great deal more in a short time? If you do, you’re not alone (more…)

Real-Time Schedule of Routine Tasks Important to Self-Management

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, online business

Certain tasks in your business are routine or predictable tasks.  You need to do them daily and sometimes several times per day for best results.  Some of these could include:

  • Reading and replying to emails
  • Spending time on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Visiting forums
  • Read and comment on three or four blogs
  • Watch You Tube videos for training purposes
  • Watch training videos from a Webinar you did not get to attend, or training for a product you purchased.

Every one of these tasks is important to your overall business plan, but each one can result in time-drains if you do not do real-time scheduling to set limits (more…)

Use a “To Do” List as an Effective Tool to Manage Yourself

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Time Management

“Burn Your To Do List” was a headline I read some time ago, and although the writer may have had really great content, my initial reaction was, Oh no. I could not do without my “To Do” list!  How about you?

Everyone of us as entrepreneurs wear different hats that involve various aspects of our lives, and with the fast pace of life regardless of where you live these days, it’s almost impossible to retain everything mentally.  If you’ve been able to do that successfully, then you have my utmost respect and awe.

We all have different personality types and some are more detailed than others.  One person may be content with jotting down just brief notes of what they need (more…)

Flexibility and Self-Management in Your Home Based Business

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

Flexibility is a self-management skill that is an integral part of your success when running your own business.  It helps to keep you alert  to opportunities to learn new things, but it also helps to prepare you for whatever unexpected twists and turns your business may take.

Being flexible in the hours you spend in your home office will allow you to adjust your hours, as much as possible, to meet your specific needs.  Many women find that they are most productive in the very early morning hours, perhaps before the rest of the family is awake.  Others prefer to rise later and enjoy a few more productive hours at night after the rest of the family goes to bed.

Do you see clients in your home?  You may have specific hours that you see clients in your home so as not to disrupt your family’s routine.  However, your client may on occasion need to see you outside of those times.  Are you willing to be flexible and accommodate your client?  Your willingness to be flexible could mean the difference between endearing that client to you and alienating a prospective or current client.

The key to flexibility in your home based business is to establish a routine for your business that works for you and make a commitment to stick to that routine as much as possible while allowing for the unexpected.