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Starting Your Online Business: The Right Mindset and Plan Essential

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Mindset

questions when starting your online businessStarting an online business is not hard, but there are two sets of challenges that the new online marketer faces.

1)  Knowing what to do to move forward quickly as far as systems and technology go.

2)  Having the right mindset and a plan.

Perhaps the right mindset and plan should be listed first since your plan will determine what systems you will need to implement and what technology you will need.  Why is mindset so important?

Entrepreneur vs Employee

1)  Will this be just a hobby or do you plan to build a real business?

2)  If you are or were employed, someone else told you when to come to work, when to take lunch, and when to stop working.  Whether you’ll be transitioning from a full-time job while you build your online business, or you’re going full-force into your online business, you will now make those decisions.  You will be your own boss.

3)  Closely tied in to #2) are self-discipline and self-motivation.  These have to come from within, but positive groups of people in forums, Facebook and (more…)

Starting an Online Business – A Lot Like Starting High School

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: online business

studying for a test Today I reflected on the fact that I came online at the end of 2008 and really started building my business in the summer of 2009.  You may wonder why there’s a gap of about seven months between coming online and really building my business.

Think back to when you graduated from Middle School or Junior High and went on to High School.  In some countries, as in Jamaica, you graduate from Elementary School and go  directly to High School.  In Junior High you may have been a ‘big cheese’; you were on the Honor Roll and in the Top 10 in your grade, or maybe even school.  You may also have been ‘Teacher’s Pet.’

Now here you are at High School and you realize your security blanket is gone!  You realize (more…)

Start Your Online Business with a Written Business Plan

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“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The above quote may be regarded by some as a cliché, but it is also a very true statement.

You’ve decided to start your own online business and may fall into one of these categories:

  • You’re brand new to starting a business
  • You’re brand new to starting on online business
  • You have an offline business but want to build an online presence in order to attract more clients or customers

What You Have in Common

The common denominator  for all three groups is that in order to reach your goals and experience success, you must have a plan in writing (more…)

Starting and Maintaining an Online Business Requires the Correct Mindset

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

Your perception of what it takes to start and  maintain an internet or online business is an integral factor in determining your success.  Many persons incorrectly start out with the mindset that launching and running a successful online business involves getting a website built, usually a static one, promoting a product or service and people will flock to their website.  Unfortunately the likelihood of this happening by chance is astronomical.

It takes self-discipline and work to run a successful internet business.  As you become active online you may sign up for various offers and receive e-mails regarding this product or that software designed to save you hours of work, etc.  Keep in mind that many of the persons sending you these e-mails are affiliates for these products and are perhaps struggling just as you are.  On the other hand there are Internet Marketers who are making thousands of dollars daily and may only work 2 or 3 hours…but it did not happen overnight for them.  They had to work very hard at the outset developing strategies and massaging a few bruises as they fell and needed to pick themselves up again.  They probably had to work at cultivating the correct mindset required by successful business owners.  You too may have recently started an online business or may be just thinking about it.  In the interest of your success, you now need to do the work required on a consistent basis.

Your online or internet business is just that…a business; and so you’ll need to develop the mindset of a business owner.  Previous business experience is not required, however, you do need to have an idea of what it takes to run a business, or at the bare minimum, seek the advice or guidance of a professional.  One very important  reason  is that while your start-up costs can be quite low, especially compared to setting up an offline business, you will need some money to invest in your new business.  In addition, while there are rare cases, your online business is probably not going to make enough profit initially to replace your income or sufficiently supplement your income.  Therefore, you will need capital to fill the gap for a period of time.

These are basic thoughts that you can assist you in  developing the correct mindset towards starting and running an online business successfully.  As in any business, there are people who fail, but you can succeed with the right mindset, doing research, being disciplined, and being willing to work hard to meet your desired goal.