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Tools for Marketing Your Online Business Offline

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur

As a business owner there are some things that you are expected to have at all times.  As entrepreneurs with an online business it’s easy to forget simple, but effective strategies that can be incorporated in marketing your business offline.

If you attend a local networking event, what is one thing that you must have readily available?  If you’re traveling on an airplane, you start a conversation with someone and your online business is mentioned, what do you need to have?  If you’re in a book store or library doing research and you mention that what you’re researching has to do with your online business, what should be your next logical step?

Business Cards

I’m sure you already answered “business cards.”  I may be in the minority, but about a year ago that was an aha! moment for me during an online class.  I have a business card for just about everything I’m involved with offline, but at the time it never occurred to me to promote my online business offline by having cards to promote by online business.

Keep in mind that while a nice business card logo and design is attractive, it’s important to make sure that your card tells what you do and that it has your basic information: web address, e-mail, address, and telephone number.  A two-sided business card is  important as the back of the card is a valuable place for an additional message. It could be an invitation to your landing page to opt in for a free report,  invitation to a Teleseminar, especially if you hold one on a regular basis at the same time, or free one-on-one call with you.

One of the advantages of business cards is that people tend to hold onto them longer and will usually add them to their card file.


Brochures are more expensive but you can find websites that offer them at a more affordable price.  You may even do them yourself if you have the know-how and then take them to a local printer so that they have a professional finish.  It’s better to wait, if you need to, rather that putting out homemade looking brochures that do nothing for your brand or image.

Brochures should be used to give a more indepth description of your business and the services you offer so that your readers can see the benefits to themselves if they take the time to go online and learn more about what you do and join your list.

Why would you need brochures for your online business?  Because as a business owner you’re encouraged to attend events in your area, whether these are networking luncheons, Chamber of Commerce events, Small Business Expos, etc.   At these events having a brochure, in addition to your business card, is more meaningful to those who attend your booth or table.

Keep in mind that your goal is always to bring new persons into your community and to your website.  In order for them to be part of your community, you want them to join your list so you can continue to build a relationship with them.

What is your favorite way to promote your online business offline?  In my next post I’ll share my favorite way, which is also a really great relationship building tool.

10 Comments to “Tools for Marketing Your Online Business Offline”

  1. Melanie Kissell says:

    Really great advice, Yvonne, to use the back side of your business card to further brand yourself or to entice someone with an invitation or offer of some kind.

    In addition to business cards, I find that people tend to hang on to postcards — especially if they are designed as a coupon or some type of discount offer.

    And now that everyone is on the “QR Code” bandwagon …

    Be sure to put your code on all your printed business materials. 🙂

    Enjoyed this post — nicely done!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted..First Ever “No Questions Asked” Interview

  2. Sheila Atwood says:


    I agree with Melanie, using the backside of your business card is a great idea.

    I think it depends on your online business. If I was a dentist I would offer free dental care or demonstration at a local health fair.

    I saw some free coloring sheets at the local grocery store that had a site for kids printed at the bottom of the page.

    I have a client that contacted the local news paper and they did a huge write up on his business. Then he got a radio interview from that write up.

    I could go on and on I can think of thousands of ideas. This really is a fun topic. I like working in the real world much more than on line.

    Looking for to your idea that includes building relationships.
    Sheila Atwood recently posted..7 WordPress Comments Plugins You Want To Know

  3. Melanie: Placing the “QR Code” is an excellent idea that I’ve not implemented yet, and didn’t think of it since I just ordered a new set of business cards. Thank you the reminder as that’s definitely the trend.

  4. Sheila, I can just see the ideas churning around in your brain 🙂 There’s quite a difference isn’t there? I have to admit, I love both because they offer complimentary, yet different perspectives. Being able to connect in person is really great, though, and I understand what you mean.

  5. Yvonne:

    You provide great tips on how to use business cards effectively. It’s not all about the look of the card, but more of your contact information, so prospective clients and interested parties can get in touch with you.

    @Melanie- What is a QR code?

    Thank you.

    Jane Lee recently posted..7 Ways to Repurpose your Blog Post

  6. Melanie Kissell says:

    @Jane — Just go here Jane and I know you’ll quickly recognize what QR codes are: http://qrcode.kaywa (dot) com

    You’re going to start seeing more and more of them in magazine and newspaper ads, on business cards and letterhead, and definitely on blogs and websites.
    Melanie Kissell recently posted..“Tug of War” For Entrepreneurs

  7. Melanie, Thank you for pointing Jane and the rest of us in the right direction. I know @DeniseWakeman also did a post on that sometime ago.

  8. And, Jane, there are still other ways we can customize our business cards but because these will naturally cost more, we have to be sure to identify our target market and the message we want to convey in a concise manner.

  9. Melanie Kissell says:

    You’re welcome, Yvonne, and I’m glad you mentioned Denise. She’s got a (you can’t miss it!) QR code on her blog. 🙂
    Melanie Kissell recently posted..First Ever “No Questions Asked” Interview

  10. Very visible 🙂


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