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Trust and Respect More Important Than Being Known as “The Expert”

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur


Do you feel you always have to have all the answers?  Do you feel that not having the answers will
make you appear less than an Expert?

Having an online business is wonderful and millions of
dollars have been made by thousands who may not have been able to do so
otherwise.  However, because the internet
is your storefront and building relationships in most cases is limited to
online activities, the desire to become known an Expert in a particular niche is
one that is sought after diligently.

In pursuing this goal you could forget that you cannot
possibly know everything there is to know about your niche or specialized
area.  There will always be others who
have more knowledge and experience.  So
rather than feeling as if your status will be undermined; if you do not have
the answer to a question or solution to a problem, send a link to a website
where the person asking can get more information or direct them to someone who
can provide what they need.

The result is that your followers, readers, etc. will trust
and respect you more because they will appreciate that you really care about
them and are concerned about providing real value. They will likely want to do
business with you when you have something to offer that will benefit them.

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