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Working From Home: 3 Crucial Steps in Planning Your Work Schedule

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

In my previous post we talked about the importance of having
a schedule. Here are 3 crucial steps in planning your schedule.

Plan Sheet: Work from a weekly and daily
plan sheet.  A monthly plan sheet is
recommended but is optional.  Be sure to
include work and non-work activities on your plan sheet.

Identify Activities that Signify the End of
Your Workday:
It’s important to determine what activities you will pursue
to tell your brain that your workday is over. 
If your office is in a separate room, it may be as simple as closing your
door and it may help to hang a sign that says “Closed” on the door.  If your office is in a shared room, you may
turn off the computer, or remove all paper, pens, pencils, etc. from your desk
and place them out of sight in a drawer.

You may even find it effective to
take a shower and change your clothes, or go to the gym, or perhaps a walk
around your neighborhood.

Plan Activities Away from Home: Isolation
can put a damper on your level of satisfaction in working from home.  If you meet with clients regularly, plan to
meet them at their home from time to time or at a coffee-shop.  Attend at least one networking event per
month. Meet a friend for lunch at least once per week.

Remember you work from home, you are not stuck at home, and rather than taking
time from your work, these activities will re-energize you in your home-based business.

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