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Working From Home: 5 Tips to Keep Yourself Energized as a Home-Based Entrepreneur

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

Working from home is the ideal work environment for many; it’s a necessity for some; while others are unwilling work-from-home women or men, having been forced to create their own businesses because of a variety of factors.

Regardless of your reasons for working from home it’s important to recognize that there are elements that can rob you of your energy, cause mental and physical fatigue, and how to avoid them:

1.            Not enough sleep: Experts recommend at least 6-8 hours sleep every night for you to function at your peak performance each day.  Studies indicate that the average American gets only about 4 hours sleep.

2.            Lack of exercise: Exercise is an energy booster because it stimulates the free flow of blood and oxygen through the body while it also firms and tones the body so you look better and feel better about yourself.

3.            Eat healthy foods: Eating balanced meals and keeping healthy snacks on hand is a great way to keep you energized.  Avoid foods that may satisfy a ‘sweet tooth’ craving but leaves your body crashing down from a sugar high.

4.            Drink Plenty of Water:  Research indicates that failure to drink adequate amounts of water not only causes your body to become dehydrated, but it saps your energy.  You body needs water to function properly, and you should make it a habit to drink  enough water for your personal needs.

5.            Take Some Time for Yourself: This may be as simple as creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom by running a bath and surrounding yourself with scented candles and soothing music, or it may entail getting a professional massage.  Being relaxed will help you to feel less stressed and create a positive flow of energy through your body.

How do you keep yourself energized as you work from home? Please share.

2 Comments to “Working From Home: 5 Tips to Keep Yourself Energized as a Home-Based Entrepreneur”

  1. Great tips, Yvonne! I’ve had a home office for many years. I like to keep healthy snacks at my desk (pumpkin seeds, etc), a pretty plant or two, soft music and natural lighting. One thing that helps me stay energized is to switch out my tasks so I get a break from repetition. If I’m working on a big writing project and going for hours at the keyboard, I have to take frequent breaks to get up and stretch or take a 3-minute break to run downstairs for a cup of tea and take my dogs outside. Otherwise, it’s too much like being a drone! I insist on enjoying my life as a writer. If not, then why do it? 🙂

  2. Your question at the end sums it up nicely for all of us who truly desire to work from home. We want to be able to enjoy it and must find ways to make it a pleasure. Evelyn, thanks for sharing how you break-up your day, make it productive and enjoyable…And the healthy snacks help too 🙂


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