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Your E-Mail Inbox is Not Your Best Friend or Family!

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

I can see the expression on your face, "Huh?"  Please indulge me as I perform some self-therapy. There are a number of Anonymous Groups: Alcoholics, Gamblers, Overeaters, etc.  I'm starting an E-Mail Anonymous Group and I may be the only one in this group, but I have a feeling others could easily join me.

Do you find that the first computer program you open every morning is your e-mail?  Worse, how many e-mail addresses do you have?  Do you check them one after the other? Have you ever checked to see how long you spend reading other people's e-mail to you?  Don't forget about the attachments and links!

Like many of you, I work from home and I recently realized that without being aware of it I was spending  an hour up to two hours reading e-mails and links from my favorite marketers! Before I knew it I had been in my office for that length of time and had not accomplished anything for my home-based business.

The groups mentioned earlier have 'steps' to help persons overcome their problem…but they need support. My first step starting tomorrow is to write a blog post or an article, or go to my Send Out Cards account and send an unexpected card to bring a smile to someone's face in a few days BEFORE I open my e-mail. If you'd like to be my accountability partner, I welcome you; and I'd be delighted to be yours if this is a challenge for you.

Affirmation?  "My e-mail inbox is not my friend or my family. I do not need to wrap myself around it before I do something for my business."

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