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10 Basic Link Building Strategies for Online Marketers

October 11, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Uncategorized

I recently decided to do some research on link building to make sure that I was using the most effective link building strategies in my online business, and especially as it relates to the hub of my business, my blog. During my research I discovered many link building strategies, but here  are 10 basic tips to link building that even persons who are brand new to internet marketing can begin to implement.  I will go into more detail on some of these in a future post.

1.  Offer valuable, high-quality information on your blog.  This will bring more ‘organic links’ to your blog.  This means that you will naturally attract readers or traffic to your website  by providing good content.

2.  Make your visitors feel welcome to your website by sharing a little about you in a “Bio” or on an “About” page; and make it easy to navigate.

3.  Ask and answer questions on Yahoo Answers.  There are lots of Google groups that you can visit and ask or answer questions.  Your comments will link back to your website or blog.

4.  Visit forums in your niche.  Spend short amounts of time getting a feel of the forum as a guest then when you decide to join, create a signature which will include your URL to your website or blog. When you ask questions or post comments you will link back to your blog.

5.  Become an active part of the blogosphere.  Bloggers are like a community online and when you visit other blogs and leave valuable comments you usually can post your website address. Many bloggers will visit your website and return the courtesy.

6.  You can submit your site to web link directories.  There are paid ones, but initially just submit to directories that allow free submissions.

7.  Be a Guest Blogger on other blogs.  These blogs can be in your niche or they may relate somehow.  You’ll see examples of Guest Bloggers who have submitted posts on my blog.  My most recent post as a Guest Blogger was “4 Effective Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Online Business” on

8.  Article submission.  A good-quality article that has a keyword rich title and one that is optimized with keywords can be submitted to not just one but to many article directories.  Once people are able to find your article and benefit from the content, you will get inbound links rather quickly.

9.  Social Media is an effective way to get inbound links.  The main sites that I’d encourage you to spend some time on if you are not already doing so are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

10. Social Bookmarking.  This is one area that I have not explored, but my research indicates that it’s an effective strategy.  Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon are great ways to get links to your site.  You  register and submit your site or articles for people to bookmark, which gives you popularity and more links.

If you were to read my recent guest post mentioned above, you’ll note that some of these strategies are mentioned.  This is because many of the marketing strategies that attract traffic to our website or blog are the same that will give us back-links, one-way links and grow our link building strategies effectively.

5 Comments to “10 Basic Link Building Strategies for Online Marketers”

  1. Julia - Fast Blog Finder says:

    Thank you for great link building tips. Link building process should be well thought. Not all the sites are worth to get links from. Links from bad sites will most likely hurt the website’s reputation. I’ve been doing some SEO for our company’s website and I used the directory submission, article submission and blog commenting most. With the use of automatic submission tools, directory submission, article submission and blog commenting are made quick and easy. Yes, writing articles requires time and efforts, but it’s possible to hire a writer to create the articles if one is not good at writing.

  2. Definitely a very good write-up about the topic, continue the good work also I hope to read more of your stuff in the longer term.

  3. Josiah Buendia says:

    I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

  4. Hi Julia, Thank you for expanding on and sharing the strategies you use for seo and link building purposes. You make a valid point about being careful about who or where links are shared because of the possible damage to a blog owner’s reputation. I appreciate your comments 🙂

  5. Thanks for being a dedicated reader, Josiah. I appreciate you and yes, I’ll keep working at updating my posts at least three times per week.


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