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Article Marketing Secrets: Use Your Article Body To Keep Your Promise

February 04, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: article marketing

Article Body Top Priority

In your article title and again in your introduction you made a promise to your readers.  You told them that they would be given the answer to a question, or you made a promise to give them more information on a given topic.

Your top priority is to make sure that you follow through and keep your promise.  For example, if you promised the reader “5 Tips for The Best Caribbean Vacation,” you must deliver those five tips.  No amount of additional information is going to compensate for what your reader is expecting to learn from your article.

Failure to do so will result in disappointment to your readers, loss of credibility to you, and ultimately loss of traffic and income.  That’s one article marketing secret that you want to keep!

Length of Article

Article directories set their own criteria for the minimum length they will accept, so if you’re submitting your articles to more than one article directory, be sure to check the minimum length of each article to ensure that you are meeting their guidelines.

You can learn more about the Editorial Guidelines at  Regarding the length of article it states, “Must be a minimum of 250 words and no more than 5,000 words. For us, an ideal article size is 400-750 words.”

Based on the above, while you can submit shorter articles, it’s best that your article is at least 450 words so that it has a chance to be ranked in the “Most Viewed Section.”

This is another area where I’m making changes, because I did not take note of the fact that although the articles must be a minimum of 250 words, their ideal article should be between 400 and 750 words. So my goal is a minimum of 450 words.  Remember that some article directories require a minimum of 700 words.

There are two other article marketing secrets regarding the article body that deserve our examination, and we will discuss the use of subheadings in our next discussion.

Until then, please share your challenges in writing longer posts and how do you overcome them?

3 Comments to “Article Marketing Secrets: Use Your Article Body To Keep Your Promise”

  1. Cindy Bidar says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    As an article writer and marketer, I hate that some directories allow “articles” with as few as 250 words. That’s not an article by my definition. It’s a blog post. I try to keep mine in the 500- to 700-word range, but I’ve heard that articles even longer than that can do really well in some niches. I’m considering testing 1000- to 1200-word articles to see if the click-through rate and/or conversion rate improves.

    But regardless of length, the most important thing is that you just get out there and write something!

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sheila Atwood says:


    These are great tips for you article content.

    Most people that teach article marketing miss: “Based on the above, while you can submit shorter articles, it’s best that your article is at least 450 words so that it has a chance to be ranked in the “Most Viewed Section”

    That is a big deal. You want to make that most viewed section. It is an added bonus that is worth the time.

  3. Cindy: I’m glad that although I was told 250 words are acceptable I at least kept my article submissions to over 300 words, because like you, I feel there’s something unfinished about a 250 word article. I’d love to hear your CTR results when you test 1000-1200 word articles. Those are pretty lengthy, but as you mentioned they are good in certain niches.

    EasyLivinginMB: Karen, I visited your website and it’s very attractive, but I also read your blog and noted the point you mentioned. Because of the type of blog you may have to be a bit more creative in adding introductions, but they do make a difference. I was thinking that some of those could even be a quote that’s related to beautiful surroundings, etc.

    Melanie: I worked at incorporating an introduction in my new video because I kept your recommendation in mind 🙂

    Sheila: It’s amazing how much you learn after you think you learn from those who should know. I took an article marketing course two years ago and that was never explained to me…but I also know that many of the rules have tightened up especially on EZA so that could have been after. If we take the time to write we want to gain the most from it.

    Thank you, ladies, for keeping the discussion going.


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