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Breaking Out of “Clumps” at Offline Events Can Expand Your Business

August 31, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Entrepreneur - Network Marketing, goal setting, Mindset

A clump is a knot or tight cluster of people or things.  It’s a natural tendency in humans to want to stay in groups with   whom they feel comfortable – either people you already know or those with whom you share similar interests.

There are times when staying within your clumps or tight cluster may not be a good idea.  Business events like large training groups, business functions and local networking events usually create opportunities for exposure, networking, building connections and, of course, taking advantage of learning opportunities from others.

If you congregate with just your known circle, you are not allowing yourself to make meaningful connections. You may also have the  type of product or service someone else at the event needs.  You could unknowingly prevent others from  getting to know you.

Breaking out of your clumps or clusters may be challenging especially if you are shy,  but it can be done. When planning to attend any event, try to develop the mindset of a host who has to circulate among everyone in the room just to be sure they are comfortable.

This could mean asking yourself, Who can I help to establish new contacts? Which two people can I introduce to each other, or whose business would likely benefit by being connected to another? Or even, Which speaker impacted me that I can give a sincere compliment to? People enjoy feeling they are important and when you make the effort to do this you will also be building meaningful relationships that can have an impact on your offline and online business.

You may be nervous, but force yourself not to talk too much. Make brief comments then ask questions that will elicit positive responses. In so doing you take the pressure off yourself and the person to whom you’re speaking will be thrilled at your level of interest in what he or she has to say.

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