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Clickbank Affiliates,The Truth About “Clickbank Millionaires” May Shock You!

February 08, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: affiliate marketing

A Review of “Secrets of the Clickbank Millionaires”

Is Affiliate Marketing a part of your online business?  Are you a Clickbank Affiliate? Have you ever wondered how some affiliates earn 6-figures from Clickbank affiliate sales while most of us struggle to have 3 or even 4-figure sales?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then you’ll be interested in some of the points I took away from veteran Internet Marketer, Willie Crawford’s “Secrets of the Clickbank Millionaires.”  You may even want to get a copy of the ebook and keep it by your desk.

Know what products sell best!

  • Sell what people are already buying.
  • Successful Clickbank affiliates “rarely invest resources trying to convince prospects that they want to buy a product…”

-  Find profitable niches

  • Many people promote products in the “internet marketing” niche.
  • There are many bigger and more lucrative niches like, money-making, health and fitness, weight loss, relationships, etc.

-  One secret to massive success

  • Know about the product before they are released.
  • You can have this advanced notice by becoming a member of the International Association of Joint Venture Brokers.

-  Understanding the numbers under the Product listing

  • It’s important to learn what each of the numbers under each product listed in Clickbank Marketplace mean.
  • These numbers can have a significant impact on the success you have with promoting the products.

-  “Leakage”

  • Many Clickbank merchants get prospects on their list who do not buy at first, but they continue to market to them.  Even though a purchase is made later, many merchants do not pay a commission to the affiliate who sent the prospect to them in the first place.
  • An affiliate may send the prospect to the merchant through one product. If the prospect purchases another product on the sales page, some merchants do not pay a commission.

-  Setting Up a System

  • You, the affiliate, must treat selling Clickbank products as a business that requires a system.
  • The system requires: a squeeze page and a related gift to get prospects to Optin to your follow-up system.
  • Only after they are on your list do you forward the prospect to the merchant through your affiliate link.
  • If the customer does not buy, you can follow-up with him.

If you are a Clickbank affiliate or Merchant, Willie Crawford wrote, “this ebook may be the most important ebook that you’ll ever read.

6 Comments to “Clickbank Affiliates,The Truth About “Clickbank Millionaires” May Shock You!”

  1. Anything Willie Crawford writes or says, I listen to! He is a walking-talking bundle of knowledge and is willing to share what he’s already learned with other marketers. Great review and I would like to suggest to anyone that if you haven’t been following Willie Crawford, do it. NOW!

  2. I have such deep respect for him and in addition to his knowledge, he is so approachable and will readily respond to your questions. Thanks for sharing your experience with Willie Crawford, Martha.

  3. Fiona Bosticky says:

    Interesting review Yvonne. I’m not very familiar with Clickbank, but since I am starting to write my own ebook, I should probably start paying attention.

    I had a feeling some people were doing very well, and I guess this is proof 🙂

  4. Great to see you, Fiona, and I’m so glad I checked my Spam folder. Can’t imagine why the system thought yours were Spam comments. Yes, some people do really well and it’s just too bad that others use methods that are less than ethical.

    I’m so excited for you that you’re writing an ebook! You mentioned paying attention to Clickbank so I assume this will be a business e-book? Please make sure that I’m on your list for alerts when it’s completed.

  5. Hi: I like the post. Guys keep me updated. Saroj Dhongadi

  6. Hi Saroj, I took a quick look at your site and see that you offer Clickbank products. Congratulations, as it seems to be fairly new. Is this going to be a review site or a site to promote affiliate products? I’d love to hear what your goals are for your new site.


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