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Creating Your Own Information Product – Deciding on Your Format

April 18, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur

Making the decision to create your own information product yourself is one that requires careful thought.

Writing an eBook

If you are able to, you can create the product yourself.  Some people can write a 40-50 page eBook in a couple of days to a week, but others need much longer than that.

I’m currently writing my first information product for sale.  This is not my first information product as I’ve written several short or special reports as giveaways for opt-in lists.  However, I’m one of those mentioned in the previous paragraph who “need much longer than that.”  It does not, however, have to be that way.

If you’re not a fast writer or you don’t feel confident with your writing ability, you can always hire someone to write your book for you.  I am told that you can have a decent eBook written for as little as $200 or you can get a really great book for $500. Please verify those figures for yourself as I’ve not personally contacted anyone to write my eBook.

Creating Videos

If you’re not tech-savvy you might need to hire someone to create videos for you.  You can have a very simple video created for as little as $50, or a longer video for $100-$200, including the voice-over.

If you want extremely high-quality, lengthy videos, you may have to pay a bit more, but keep in mind – you can sell these videos over and over again without any printing or shipping costs.

Creating Audio Products

Your audio product can be simply the audio version of your eBook.  Many people like to listen to an audio on an MP3 while driving or exercising, and this will also serve to enhance the value of your information product.  By providing written, video,  and audio content you’ll be satisfying the various learning styles of different individuals.

In my next post I’ll provide resources for outsourcing as well as obtaining information to incorporate in your report so as to complete your project faster.

12 Comments to “Creating Your Own Information Product – Deciding on Your Format”

  1. Diana Simon says:

    Hi Yvonne, I am still working on creating my opt-in giveaway which is an information product. It’s an E-course and initially I was thinking about using videos but as a new blogger, I feel it’s going to take me too much time to learn the ropes of making a video. I was told that Jing is a good software to use to create videos and much cheaper than using Camtasia. I will try it out next month when I venture into creating video blogs 🙂

  2. Maureen Hunter says:

    I am in the process of developing some information products, including programmes for my business.
    I love writing, but have been surprised just how much time it is taking to get all my thoughts into a structured programme.
    I have done some audio interviews which took a lot of time to organise but then were fairly straightforward and have even started recording some short videos.
    There are so many avenues out there for us to get our information out there, we are not stuck for choice.

  3. I use a trusty flipcam for videos. It’s a one-time purchase, the quality is decent and you can upload fairy quickly.

    Creating products doesn’t have to be time consuming but I have worked with people who dragged the whole process out to such a length that I wasn’t even interested in the project by the time they were done. LOL

    People have to realize that the creation is just the first step. The marketing is next and so many don’t want to actually do the work involved.

  4. Pamela Evbota says:

    Quite resourceful post.
    I am good at creating my own ebook but i have not been able to get around the video part of it. I am looking forward to your next article on outsourcing.
    Can you provide more information on who to contact for video outsourcing?

  5. Jen Puckett says:

    I would like to eventually develop an ebook for my biz. That’s interesting on the price to have it completed for you. I wonder how much it costs to just have it edited for grammar/spelling mistakes. Any insight on that? Thanks!

  6. Kristen Robinson says:

    Thanks Yvonne for those informative steps! Yes, people have to decide on their format and what they are comfortable with.

  7. I think you can really add to the product by combining the 3, the audio, written and video so you serve all learning modes. this is an option I am using for the change warrior project.

  8. The quality of the last video you made or that I watched was really great! I used a family member’s ipod to do my last video, Martha, and was very impressed with the quality. I agree that dragging out the production becomes wearisome and that’s only a part of the project. I’m guilty of that at times, but working on methods to do things faster and get them ‘out there.’

  9. I applaud you for your product creation, Pamela. That outsourcing information should be in my post for tomorrow but I got behind, and now will be out early next week. I’ll visit your website, look for your contact info and send you some information by tomorrow evening. Are your eBooks listed on your website as well? I’m going over to take a look in a few minutes.

  10. Hi Jen, No, I do not have specific information on that, but there’s someone in one of the membership programs who’s a writer who may know, and I also know of VA’s I can ask. In the meantime there are sites like and where you can post the job and see what responses you receive.

    All the best, Jen, and please let us know when you write that ebook.

  11. That’s a great idea, Suzie. Increases the value and satisfies different learning styles.

  12. Have you ever seen a really great headline in your e-mail Inbox and you click on it to find that it’s in video format? I’m sure there are many who feel as I do that we don’t have time to sit in front of our computers and watch hours of video. And I’ve noticed a growing trend that this is the main method some of my favorite marketers are using and find it frustrating. It may be easier for the product creator, but it’s important that we think of our audience as well.


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