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2 Critical Elements in Successfully Starting Your Online Business

January 14, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Mindset

If you were to ask most marketers or online business owners what is the first step they’d recommend in starting on online business, most would likely say that you need to determine your market  and decide on a niche.

That is an important element in starting your online business, but there are two elements that are critical to your online business success.

1.  MINDSET: Starting an online business can be done on a shoestring budget and you do need at the very least a simple plan.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that:

  • An online business is no less a business than starting one offline.
  • You must know your “Why” for starting your business and determine what your goals will be
  • Do research online in your area of expertise to see what is already being offered and what is missing.  This will help you to decide how you can fill any gaps so that you can set yourself apart.  That will be your Unique Selling Proposition or Point (USP).
  • If you are new to entrepreneurship you will need to make a mental shift to develop the mind of a business owner who will be responsible for decision-making and goal-setting, as well as all the expenses of the business.

2.  FOCUS: Many of us who have had an online business for some time still struggle to avoid the “Shiny Objects Syndrome,” which can come from distractions such as e-mails and their attachments.  There’s much to be learned from experienced marketers, but you have to make the decision on the times that you will give laser-focus to your business to the exclusion of all else.

Keep in mind that in the beginning you may need to spend 30-40 hours each week working in and on your business, but the payoff comes faster when you apply this focused energy to your online business.

In his book, Take Action! Revise Later: A Simple Guide to Success in Business” , Bob “the Teacher” Jenkins discusses how to successfully battle the Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) in Chapter 8.  He wrote that chapter just for me! In Chapter 20 he makes recommendations on how to “Get Control Over E-mail” which I found very helpful.

I strongly recommend that you get your personal copy of Take Action! Revise Later: A Simple Guide to Success in Business” as this is a valuable resource to keep handy as you enjoy online business success.

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