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Do You Procrastinate Because You Do Not Know How to Do the Job

May 06, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Direct Sales, Procrastination, Time Management

This may seem like a silly question because if someone does not know how to do a job it should be easy to correct it my asking someone else for information.  Shouldn’t it?  Perhaps. This is our 4th and final in the series to help Paula and she will have to confirm if this is what has been holding her back in launching her online business.

Does the idea seem far-fetched that a sharp, savvy and successful (offline) businesswoman would allow her lack of knowledge in a particular area to cause her to procrastinate?  For someone who is successful in other areas the idea that they are not able to master everything perfectly could become a motivational block.  Pride for one could prevent her from recognizing that she needs help, or even worse to admit to herself that she needs help.  Subconsciously this results in avoidance or even developing an aversion for the task.

Having been on the internet for about 18 months I can relate, to some extent how Paula may be feeling.  When you are knowledgeable and successful in offline activities, it can be like walking through a maze when you step into the online world. For me there was so much to learn and I actually felt frustrated and ineffective when I signed up for courses that were perhaps too advanced at the time.  During one of these early courses the trainer would talk about ‘simple’ things to do that I had no idea what was being referred to.  I can recall the first time I heard that I needed to ‘upload a document with an FTP client’. What language was the trainer speaking?  It got better as I took  steps to learn new things and attend classes for the basics.

Could a lack of knowledge be what has stopped Paula from completing her important task?  If this is the case, we will encourage her to take inventory of what she already knows on the subject then gather as much information as she can on the topic from the Internet.  If she has done that, or if that is not enough, we will help her to find a Mentor who offers the training which will allow her to move forward in her online business.  We might even encourage her to visit forums in her niche as many forums provide tremendous amounts of information for beginners and advanced.

What is holding you back from taking leaps in your business?  Do you procrastinate because of  fear of success, fear of failure, or fear of completion?  Is it because you fail to assign the necessary priority?  Is it lack of commitment, or is it a lack of knowledge?  Only you can decide.  But to succeed you have to identify the reasons for procrastination, confront those fears and examine your attitude. You also need to evaluate the consequences if you give in or the benefits if you overcome these blocks.

11 Comments to “Do You Procrastinate Because You Do Not Know How to Do the Job”

  1. Piotr Krzyzek says:

    You bring up good questions and points. For my, one of the biggest procrastination points is not knowing where to start and just getting the foot in the door.

    Many people like me just want some answers and need some hand holding. Sadly, no place really offers any hand holding to help a beginner. I know that was my reason for failing in internet marketing and real estate for the past several years.

    Thankfully I’m slowly seeing the light and pushing myself forward on my own strength. I’m the little train that could 🙂


  2. Good points! Procrastination is one of the biggest problems with online marketers. We have all the tools at our fingertips but sometimes, just don’t use them!

  3. I understand your viewpoint, Piotr, and it is true that it’s hard to find training for absolute beginners but I can assure that they are out there. I found these many months after I started online and wish I’d found them earlier as it could have accelerated my growth tremendously. I’m glad you’ve not given up and you’re sticking with internet marketing because there is a place for each of us. Deciding on your USP is what will set you apart. I will also send you an e-mail with a couple of links that I and others I’ve recommend have found helpful. All the best.

  4. How true, Martha! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Facebook Marketing says:

    Wonderful to read!

  6. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts, Jennifer. I visited your blog and you have a very vibrant and eye-catching site 🙂 Will be visiting again to read your articles.

  7. Piotr Krzyzek says:

    Thanks 🙂 means a lot to me.

  8. Demetra Tingen says:

    been following your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?

  9. Hi Demetra, Thank you for asking and I apologize that you had difficulty subscribing. You now have two options: 1) you can subscribe to receive e-mail updates by entering your name and e-mail or 2) You may click on the “subscribe” button below the opt-in form to receive RSS feeds into your Reader.


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  11. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I’ll do my best to continue providing good content so you’ll always enjoy your visit 🙂


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