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How Updates Affect Your Article Marketing Success

March 02, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: article marketing

Recently I wrote a series of posts on Article Marketing Secrets and am currently writing a series on goal-setting.  If you submit articles to you would have received two very important e-mails over the past week, and I thought I summarize what I learned from both.  They emphasize how combining article marketing and goal-setting are more important than ever for article marketing success.

1.  Why You Must Submit More Articles

According to 10 years ago 1-2 dozen articles in your niche would drive lots of traffic back to your website or blog. At that time your articles ‘were likely to appear high in search engine results because there were a lot less websites back then.’  With the explosion of internet users and websites, the competition is much greater and now more articles are required to get similar results.

2.  What It Takes in 2011

It will take between 200 and 500 articles to begin to get the same return.  Staggering numbers and what appears to be a daunting task!

3.  Four Ways to Start Thinking Bigger

i)    Create an article marketing goal.  They suggest that you start with writing and submitting your 1st 100 articles.  If you already have 100, set your goal for 500 or 1,000 articles.

ii)  Think of the big picture and use a long term approach to article marketing.

iii) Avoid trying to cover your entire market.  Narrow your focus so that your articles will reach your target audience. Be sure to include long-tail keywords as the people who are looking for specific information are more likely to be interested in your articles.

iv)  Write Evergreen articles, that is, articles that have information that will be relevant today and in the future so that your articles can continue to work for you.

You may visit to watch the movie. The information is provided in other formats, including mp3 at that website.

4.  New Minimum Word Count

The minimum word count has been increased to 400 words.  In my post, “Article Marketing Secrets: Use Your Article Body To Keep Your Promise” I wrote on the benefits of submitting articles with a minimum word count of 400 words and that I would start to implement in my articles.

You may read of other changes which will affect all of us who submit articles to at

This is a wake-up call for me that I will need to accelerate my article marketing.  How do you feel about the above?  Will these motivate you to write more, or stop you from even attempting to expand your reach with article marketing?  I hope you’ll view them in a positive light because article marketing is one of the most economical way to get traffic to your blog or other website.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

5 Comments to “How Updates Affect Your Article Marketing Success”

  1. I had read all those new EzineArticles rules the other day and I must say, getting to 100 or more seems a little daunting. I’m a big fan of article marketing though, so I am continuing to submit. I try to do it daily. That longer length is going to be a challenge but hey, challenges is what this biz is all about. In the end, the cream rises to the top! Here’s to article marketing success!!

  2. Love your positive attitude, Martha. I’m going to have to get back to daily article writing as well, and I’ve determined that the easiest way to do that is to purchase a recorder and dictate my articles and have someone type them. I also noticed that they mentioned doing something separate for persons who write articles less than 400 words, but I really believe 400 allows one to provide really great content. Don’t you?

  3. What a great post on the changes E-zine is implementing. I believe that the changes will create a better quality experience for the reader. Many of the article directories have been subjected to over submission of poor quality content. With the 400 word count requirement, the serious article writer will continue to submit, while the less serious will be inclined to submit less frequently. The changes are for the better.

  4. My problem is that I don’t think today’s readers have the wearwithall to enjoy articles of longer length. It seems that the public can be locked into watching a tv program for an hour- only with commercials. Even those that TiVo (or like me, still use a VCR that has been manipulated to remove commercials) stop the action to do something else in the middle.
    I read at a phenomenal clip (trust me), so reading 400 to 1000 words (if they use sans serif fonts) takes no time. But, I doubt the average reader will spend 4 minutes reading our thoughts.
    I spent time – lots of it- to hone my articles down from 650-800 word to under 400. I think the reader appreciates it. (My clients all comment that they appreciate the crisp versions.)
    The ultimate reply is one I will still from the estimable Mark Twain…
    I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead…

  5. Oops- STEAL, not still!


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