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How to Attract More Visitors to Your Website by Giving Away Valuable Products

August 30, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Branding, Business - Entrepreneur, goal setting, Mindset

People have been known offline to make a big fuss about huge ‘Giveaways’ that turn out to be very disappointing for many customers because the item that was given was of poor quality or of very little value.

What about those of us who work online?  What should we give away, and how can giving away valuable products help to attract more visitors and ultimately business to our website?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that whatever we give away, whether it’s a free report, an e-book, e-course, teleseminar, etc. should be of good quality and value.  Someone may reason that it does not make sense to give away a report which you could probably sell for $17 or even $27.  On the surface it may not seem to be a good business decision, but it could be one of the best business decisions that you make.

For one thing, if you do not have a huge list to market to, selling a $17 or $27 report is not going to bring you much money.  Another thing is that when your readers see the valuable content that you’ve given away, they will not only thank you, but they will more readily be attracted to any future products you may market to them.

In order to benefit from the valuable content that you give to your visitors, you must be able to capture their basic information, usually their name and e-mail address on an opt-in form on your blog, or an opt-in or squeeze page.

Many online marketers then send these persons to a download page link.  What I’ve found that works better is to send them to an autoresponder message where you thank them for requesting the product and send the download link in that first e-mail.  In this was you immediately start to build a relationship with your visitor and you would have verified that there are no errors in the e-mail address.  You also want to assure your visitors that their information will not be shared with anyone else.

As more people subscribe and take advantage of your valuable free giveaway you will be building your list and will have more people to market to in the future.

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    Thank you for sharing that tip and that’s something I’ve done, but not advertised, and know that many of my readers will appreciate that it’s something they can implement in their business as well.


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