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How to Use Article Marketing to Create a Responsive Opt-In E-Mail List

April 28, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Direct Sales

“The Money is in the List” is a popular expression among Internet Marketers and this is partially true.  Many successful Internet Marketers teach that it is essential to have a large list of prospects and Followers, Friends, or Connections on Social Media. However, it’s hardly likely that if you are just starting your online business you will immediately have a large list of followers, and while you do want to grow your opt-in e-mail list as quickly as possible, you should not be overly-concerned as there are also very successful Internet Marketers who do not have a very large list by comparison, but who make a substantial monthly income.  One of these is one of my mentors, Connie Ragen Green.  What makes the difference? Basically, it’s the quality of the list. A responsive list is what makes the difference.

Article writing and marketing can be used effectively to drive traffic to your web sites and build a very responsive list.  For article marketing to be effective, you must write and submit quality articles regularly to article directories. Your articles must provide very good information. When I first came online because of my love of writing, the first course I took was on Article Marketing and during the course it was stressed  that the higher your article volume, the higher all of your other numbers, including the number of people on your list, would be. In order to grow your responsive list quickly, it’s recommended that you work at submitting one article everyday. This may initially seem a daunting task and you may wonder where you could possibly find information to write one article per day. Hopefully, as part of your initial marketing plan you have already determined your niche; therefore your articles would be geared to providing content for the people in your niche.

Once you determine what type of content you will need, start paying more attention to news items on television, in the newspaper, in magazines and books. If you have the time, your library can become a new place to relax. Ideas abound everywhere that you can build on. It’s also a good practice to keep a notepad to jot down ideas or a small recording device to record your thoughts.  You’ll probably begin to think of many other ways to become an article marketing writing machine.

Don’t forget that you can re-purpose your articles because this is just what I did.  This post was tweaked and renamed from one of my articles published on on May 12, 2009.  I can honestly say that I saw tremendous benefits when I was consistently writing articles that led back to this site as well as articles on diabetes for my diabetes site.

Do you want to learn how to write and market articles effectively?  Connie Ragen Green offers a FREE Report “How To Write A Keyword Targeted Article.”  Click here for more information.

I’ve decided to re-focus on Article Marketing  as of May 1, 2010 – 2 days from now.  My goal will be to increase my  responsive opt-in e-mail list by writing a minimum of three articles each week. Will you join me?  Which directories will you submit your articles to?  Please click on the “comments” button and share your thoughts.

0 Comments to “How to Use Article Marketing to Create a Responsive Opt-In E-Mail List”

  1. Rob Britt says:

    Ah ha, so you are jumping into the Ezine challenge once this30 day challenge is done? I am repurposing my blog posts from this challenge, plus a few other articles tojump start my Ezine Challenge. I’m going for 101 articles in 100 days. whew. hope I can keep up the pace.
    I’ve found the article marketing really works and drives people to wherever you point. I’ve been mostly doing affiliate marketing there, but also some of my own products.

    Good blog post. It made me think, which is a good thing. : )

  2. Helen Raptoplous says:

    Article marketing is a great tool and if you partake you will be worlds above your average competitor! Many people don’t know about article marketing and of those that do, not everybody is willing to take the time and make a commitment like you are!! Good for you! 3 a week is an excellent goal Yvonne!

    I also love the idea of using your articles in other ways. I just wrote one today that I was thinking to record as an MP3 and e-mail to my list as a little gift.

    I only use e-zine articles right now but I know there are so many great directories to use.

    Keep us posted on your progress and best of luck to you!!

  3. Rob, I missed the information on the Ezine challenge, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll be checking it out. Yes, re-purposing can work both ways and both Connie and Denise recommend posting to your blog first so you get credit then post to the article directories. I’ll try to keep up with you 🙂

  4. Thanks, Helen and that’s an excellent idea to re-purpose your post into a MP3. People learn in different ways and I personally love MP3s as I refer to my car as my mobile university. I listen and learn while I drive; so do many others. Will keep you posted while I follow your successes.


  5. I missed the info from Ezine articles about the challenge, Rob, but now that you mentioned it I will check it out. Yes, there are different ways to re-purpose: post to articles or articles to post and both Connie and Denise Wakeman recommend posting to your blog first so that you are credited with the article. I’ll do both and try to keep up with you. 🙂

    All the best in meeting your goal.

  6. Rob Britt says:

    Yes, That’s what I do, my blog first, then Ezine. I have to get copy written for my products, then I can rock and roll.
    I do my blog, then ezine, and then e-how if it’s appropriate.

  7. Melanie Kissell says:

    Love your thoughts on article marketing, Yvonne! And your suggestions for places to get ideas for articles. Isn’t it great? Ideas are literally EVERYWHERE.

    I know that EzineArticles is the most popular article directory, but I’m going to suggest that you also take a peek at “Biznik”. I believe you’re going to love what you see there!

    Write On!

  8. I checked on Biznik, Melanie, and it appears to be a very interesting site and I like the format. Will delve into it further over the weekend. But that’s a great addition to The more directories that our articles appear in (at least the better known ones), the more publicity we’re likely to receive. Thanks and Happy Friday!

  9. Mike Roosa says:

    How is the article marketing going? I’ve never had much luck with it. My articles get lots of views but rarely does someone click through to my site. What do you do to drive them to your site?

  10. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for visiting and reading my posts. I can truthfully say that I’ve found that article marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow my list. I have two other websites that have been neglected recently, but the bulk of my affiliate sales on those websites came from people who read my articles on and clicked through from the Resource Box. Your Resource Box is your prime real estate on the internet. How compelling are you making the information in your Resource Box? Do you have a call to action? Do you have an Opt-in page with a specific offer that you link from. I’m finally listening to my Mentor and working on setting up an Opt-in page with a specific give-away which will be linked to from my Resource box. Which article directory are you using? I’d love to read some of your articles. Please let me know and all the best to you.


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