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Maximize the Time You Spend On Your Projects: Articles, Video and Product Creation

August 24, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: article marketing, Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, goal setting, Time Management

In my last post the focus was on making the best use of your time with blog posts.  Today we will look at utilizing our time effectively with articles, creating videos, and other product creation.

Points to note from comments received on the previous post:

(a) Do indepth research on a topic in one sitting

(b) Write a long article and then divide it into two or three blog posts

(c) Write a series on a topic you’ve researched

(d) Use templates or copy and paste your format.


(i)  You can re-purpose your post by submitting it to your favorite article directories.  You will need to verify the acceptable minimum number of words as some article directories will accept as low as 250 words, whereas some will accept a minimum of 500 words, and at least one that I know of will not accept less than 700 words.

(ii) Because you have written a series or done research extensively on a specific topic, if your individual posts are too short for article directory submission, just combine two or three posts.  Depending on how personal and informal your writing style is on your blog, you may need to make it just a little more formal for article submission, but avoid spending too much time re-writing the information.


I have not created my first video; therefore, I can only share what I’ve been taught.  When creating videos, plan ahead and create several in one sitting.  This is an especially good use of your time if you’re setting up backdrops, lighting etc.  All of those things take time and by doing your set-up just once you will have save yourself time that can be spent creating other products.

Product Creation

The list of products you can create is endless: special reports, free reports, ebooks, an opt-in page, a sales letter, an e-course…and the list goes on.

When I wrote my first e-book it took me almost three months working on it part-time. When I created my first report, it took me weeks! I’ve made significant improvement, but recently I read Jason Fladlien’s report on “Time Management Secrets “ and I realize I still have a long way to go.

In that report Jason said that it was important to put a deadline on anything you do that’s important and stick to that deadline.  He gave the example that for him all products under $97 must be completed in a single day from start to finish.  His other examples may prompt you to use a timer or determine beforehand how long you will spend on a specific task.

You may download the report at and no optin is required.

Appreciation for Comments

Our time as entrepreneurs is extremely valuable and we each have to determine how to use our time effectively, but learning from each other as well as other marketers is a valuable part of doing business on the internet.  I appreciate all the comments that have been shared on this topic as they will continue to benefit all of us and future readers.

Have you been creating videos? Do you have other recommendations to maximize the use of your time in video creation?  Please share.

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