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Mental Imagery as a Self-Motivation Technique in Your Online Business

December 23, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: motivation

Mental imagery or visualization is a simple yet valuable self-motivation technique.  How can visualization contribute to maintaining motivation?

When you  started your online business you made a plan and set realistic, strategic goals that you’d like to accomplish within stated time frames.  Sometimes your time frame may have to change because your goals were not realized, but your goals remain unchanged.  Rather than becoming a victim of discouragement and giving up, having a mental image of what you desire to accomplish will allow you to maintain your motivation.

Mental imagery or visualization in this context is simply using your mind’s eye to see your goal as if it has already been attained and being able to picture yourself mentally enjoying the results of your hard work. For example, your goal at a given time may be to take you family on an all-expense-paid vacation to a specific location at the end of a specified period.  Negative external factors arise on a regular basis that can be discouraging and affect our desire to work in our online business.  At the same time we have to deal with our own emotions.  On those days when you almost feel like giving up, being able to visualize your “Why” – your goal – will help you to view the stumbling blocks as stepping stones.

Many people are “visual” types.  If mental imagery is not enough for you, then I’d encourage you to collect pictures, brochures, or other relevant material that reflect your goals and have these in an area of your office to serve as your daily reminder of why you need to stay motivated.

Are you a visual person or do you use mental imagery to help you with self-motivation?

2 Comments to “Mental Imagery as a Self-Motivation Technique in Your Online Business”

  1. A fair bit of the things that i do now are guided by my mental imagery that i use heaps also.

    I agree that creating a collection of things based on your goals can really help. If you pull in the right kind of things, then every time you look at them will inspire new things.

    Thanks for the post, got me to look back over mine 😀

  2. Thank you for sharing how you benefit from this technique, Peter J. I truly want to help people to understand that the kind of visualization I write about is not connected to anything some people might consider “hocus-pocus.” It’s just seeing with your mind’s eye something that’s not yet a reality but with such clear focus that it’s as if it has already taken place.


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