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Jumpstart Your Motivation For Project Success

December 27, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: motivation

A “block ” can be created in any type of business, even though we’re accustomed to only hearing about “writers’ block.”  The “block” results in a state of semi-paralysis that can prevent you from moving forward in your business.

Jumpstart self-motivation? How can that be done when working on your online business projects?

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally: Rather than waiting until you’re ready to start working on your project, do a mental review, the day or night before, of what you plan to work on and what your goal is.  It’s easy to get into the trap of focusing on the negative aspects involved.  Instead, focus on the positive and conjure positive mental images through visualization of the successful outcome of the project.

2.  Prepare Yourself Physically: Getting adequate rest prior to undertaking a business project offers many advantages:

(i)    Clarity – You will view your task at hand with clarity

(ii)   Focus  -  Your mind and body are less fatigued so a large percentage of stress is automatically eliminated.  You are thus able to focus so that you can view all aspects and be able to determine the best strategies to implement

(iii)  Motivation – Do you feel motivated to do anything when you’re exhausted and sleep-deprived.  Every tiny pebble becomes a mountain because you are not able to be in the moment and the desire is not there to accomplish what needs to be done.

3. Make the Decision to Begin:  I’ve been guilty in the past of waiting for the perfect time or for all situations to be ‘just right’ before I start to work on a project.  It really is self-defeating and looking back, a bit of procrastination.  There is never going to be a ‘perfect’ time. A long time ago someone pointed out to me that all the lights are not going to be green between point A and point B, but that did not stop me from going anyway.  The same principle applies in your business and especially for the success of any project.

What stimulii do you use to jumpstart and maintain your motivation when working on specific projects in your business?

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  1. Such awesome advice! So many times we forget about the physical aspect. Great reminder to get our sleep before heading out to work on a time-consuming project. Thanks!

  2. I know “motivation” is a part of who you are, Martha, so I appreciate your thoughts on the value of keeping the physical aspects in mind so as to allow our self-motivation level to remain high.

  3. Lisa Raymond says:

    Great post! Let’s call procrastination what it is, and it takes shape in many forms – usually cleverly disguised as “busy work” (yep, I’m guilty!). Thanks for the reminders of staying positive and doing a little prep work before getting going. I think the only stimuli I use is making lists, either online or offline (calendars), but I need to be more in the habit of using them and a 6-point to-do list each night, plus one item to do as a weekly project. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for your observation, Lisa. I agree – it is what it is 🙂

    For years I did a 6 most important things to do list at nights, but often found that I ended up with one or two undone tasks at the end of the day that I had to carry forward. And it sort of left a negative feeling.

    About a year ago I read about doing a 3 or 4 things to do list and that’s what I’ve been practicing because it easier to complete 3 or 4 tasks and it gives a feeling of accomplishment and creates more positive emotions. Just wanted to share that in case it helps.

    Have a self-motivated day!

  5. True about ‘the perfect time’ and I’ve also experienced that same problem, as have probably most people.
    Lack of sleep could be related to your willingness to go and do something?


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