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Real-Time Schedule of Routine Tasks Important to Self-Management

April 05, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, online business

Certain tasks in your business are routine or predictable tasks.  You need to do them daily and sometimes several times per day for best results.  Some of these could include:

  • Reading and replying to emails
  • Spending time on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Visiting forums
  • Read and comment on three or four blogs
  • Watch You Tube videos for training purposes
  • Watch training videos from a Webinar you did not get to attend, or training for a product you purchased.

Every one of these tasks is important to your overall business plan, but each one can result in time-drains if you do not do real-time scheduling to set limits and keep track of your time.  I purchased a timer to help me in this regard.  If only I always remembered to set the timer!

Checking E-Mails

Let’s look at e-mails as an example.  You know the volume of e-mails you receive in a daily basis, as well as how many e-mail addresses you need to check.  It’s so very easy to say you’re going to do a quick check on your e-mails and end up spending an hour of the time you scheduled for work just reading and replying to e-mails.

This is where a timer helps.  If you set it for 15 minutes, when it goes off you know that it’s time to close your e-mail and move on to something else.  Depending on the nature of your business you may want to schedule three 15 minute periods during your workday to check e-mails, then use non-work time to do any additional catching up.

Time on Social Media

Another area that can create a time-drain is social media.  It’s an important and necessary part of your business, it’s a routine task; but how much time you schedule is critical. For example, experts say that your tweets have more impact certain times of the day: 9:00 a.m., 12 noon, 3 and 6:00 p.m.

If those times fall into your scheduled work time, make a resolve with yourself that you will log in to Twitter for 5-8 minutes to reply to @ tweets, RT meaningful posts and tweets, include a promotion or some type of marketing and you’re out!  If you see references to articles or posts you’d like to read, make a note of them and read them in the time you specify to visit blogs/forums, or in your non-business time.

Real-time scheduling of routine tasks have taken me months to master, and I still struggle with them, but they’re important to avoid the “Where did the time go?” syndrome.  This is all part of self-management in your business.

What methods have worked best for you to handle routine tasks?  Please share.  We learn from each other…

4 Comments to “Real-Time Schedule of Routine Tasks Important to Self-Management”

  1. Great idea Yvonne to set limits on the time by setting a timer. I think I will try that. Very practical and helpful.


  2. You’re welcome, Sharon, and thank you. The timer is so valuable. Case in point, I went on LinkedIn earlier tonight to spend 13 mins (to the bottom of the hour) without setting my timer. I’m not sure what happened but it was 28 mins later when I looked at the clock!

  3. Yvonne,
    It’s taken me a while to tame these time drains.
    Over the last few months I’ve got so much better, but I still need to keep an eye on myself, it’s easy to get distracted.
    Giving myself deadlines to get work finished seems to work really well for me.
    Then I feel as though I don’t have any time to waste and that helps to keep me focused.
    I’m going to get myself a timer 🙂
    Thanks Yvonne
    Heather xx

  4. Heather, You have an amazing way of getting things accomplished in a short time-frame and I applaud you and admire that, but it’s so easy to lose track of our time. We’d love to know if having a timer helps even more 🙂


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