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Article Marketing Secrets: How to Write a Good Introduction That Holds Your Reader’s Interest

February 02, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: article marketing

In my previous posts in the Article Marketing Secrets series we covered the keyword, and the importance of taking time to do research.  We also considered what the goal of your article title should be and how to achieve that goal.

Today we’re moving on to the Article Body, but first we’ll focus on the Introduction. You may wonder why  that’s necessary since the introduction is a part of the body.

The main reason is: Now that you’ve grabbed your reader’s attention with your dynamic title you want to hold his or her attention! For convenience, I’ll just use ‘her or she.’  Here are three ways you can can write a good introduction that (more…)

Article Marketing Secrets: Secrets to Article Titles That Grab Attention

January 28, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: article marketing

Have you ever gone to your local supermarket with no thought of shopping for magazines, but as you stand in the checkout line you reach for one or two magazines and adding them to your purchases?  Why?  For the most part your attention was caught by an interest-arousing title, you were intrigued and wanted to read more.

The most important part of any article is the title.  This is because although you may have lots of valuable information to share, your potential readers will usually spend only a few seconds glancing at the title before making the decision to continue reading or to move on.  This means that if your title does not grab their attention, you’ve lost them for good.

Secrets to Great Article Titles:

1.            It must arouse the reader’s interest and grab their attention.  A good way to do that is to involve your reader.  For example: (more…)

Article Marketing Secrets: Is Article Marketing Research Really That Important?

January 28, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: article marketing

In my previous post the importance of your keyword as the main ingredient of your article was emphasized, as well as using long tail keywords to reach your target market.

It took me quite some time hearing the same thing several times to understand how valuable it is to use keywords.  Implementing some of these strategies has resulted in my articles being reprinted in different places, based on the Google alerts I receive.

One could reasonably ask, “How much research do I really need to do, and is it that really important?”  Without a doubt, spending time to do article marketing research is most valuable (more…)