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New Year Resolutions: Declutter Your Computer

December 10, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Home-Based Business

New Year Resolutions?  Why wait?  At this time of the year many people start to focus on what they want to achieve in the new calendar year and so they make a list of their new year resolutions.  But as I started thinking about it, I wondered if it would not be more beneficial to start those processes right away.

The main advantage is that when 2011 starts, you will already have begin to implement the changes you resolve to make and would have strategies in place to get the desired results.

Reducing clutter important.  Experts confirm that in order to expand and grow, you must remove or reduce clutter in your life.  For those of us who work from home this can be clutter on your computer, clutter on your desk, and clutter in your home office in general.

Declutter Your Computer. Does your desktop look like a billboard with neon colors?  Do you have folders (more…)