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Working From Home – Set a Schedule and Learn to Say “No”

February 19, 2011 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

If you work from home you invariably have multiple responsibilities.  You may be a work-at-home-woman or a work-at-home-man. Your reasons for working from home may differ, but ultimately the goal is the same: To earn an income from the business activities you engage in from home.  Note that I mentioned “from home.”  While home is the base for many of us, our actual work activities may take us away from home for chunks of time. On the other hand, some jobs may involve spending the majority of time working in your home office.

Set a Schedule and Learn to Say “No”

The challenge for many of us at the end of each day is answering the question,  “Where did the time go?” People who work from home usually fall into one of two camps: 1) Those who set a schedule and try their best to stick to it 2) Those who ‘go with the flow.’

If you have a schedule, do you stick to it or do you find yourself constantly engaged in non-business activities during designated business hours?  Do you find it hard to say “No” (more…)

Working From Home: 5 Tips to Keep Yourself Energized as a Home-Based Entrepreneur

August 30, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

Working from home is the ideal work environment for many; it’s a necessity for some; while others are unwilling work-from-home women or men, having been forced to create their own businesses because of a variety of factors.

Regardless of your reasons for working from home it’s important to recognize that there are elements that can rob you of your energy, cause mental and physical fatigue, and how to avoid them:

1.            Not enough sleep: Experts recommend at least 6-8 hours sleep every night for you to function at your peak performance each day.  Studies indicate that the average American gets only about 4 hours sleep.

2.            Lack of exercise: Exercise is an energy booster because it stimulates the free flow of blood and oxygen (more…)

Working From Home – Do You Have a Housecleaning Schedule?

August 24, 2009 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Uncategorized

As a work-at-home professional it is important to have a housecleaning schedule.  You have options: you can hire someone to do the cleaning for you, you can schedule specific times during the week to do it, or you can select one day each week to do your housecleaning. The goal should be to make the most effective use of your time and if paying someone to do it while you use your time to work on strategies in your business, then that’s a great choice. Only you can make the final decision.

If your home office is well-organized, you have items that you use frequently placed together on your desk or within easy reach. Your cleaning supplies should be stored together for easy retrieval when you need them.

The kitchen is usually one of the areas of the home that is used most frequently. Keep utensils, dishes and the like that you use frequently together and work at cleaning up immediately after use. You do not need the feeling of guilt and stress knowing that it still needs to be cleaned every time you pass your messy kitchen to and from your home office. Just get it done immediately.

Multi-task when possible. If you’re heading to a section of your home to do one task, think of what you could take to the room at the same time, saving you time and steps.  Implementing strategies in your business includes networking with other work-at-home women.  A great organization for work-at-home women is the

Time-management expert Mark Sanborn said, “Some things are worth doing well, some things are worth doing very well, and some things are just worth doing.” You decide.


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