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4 Reasons Not To Join a Blog Challenge and 5 Reasons Why You Need to Do So

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, goal setting, Mindset, Time Management

Today is August 1st and the start of  the “Ultimate Blog Challenge” coordinated by Michele Scism  and Michelle Shaeffer with the hashtag #blogboost on Twitter.

The last blog challenge I participated in was in June, coordinated by Dr. Jeanette Cates with Twitter hashtag #blog30.  During the challenge I submitted 21 posts; 9 short of the goal and was a little disappointed with myself that I’d not met the goal.  However, I reminded myself that in setting goals, you may fail to reach them the first time but the solution is to pick yourself up and start again.

Before committing to the Ultimate Blog Challenge I debated whether I should participate in another challenge for these reasons:

1)  To meet the goal I am obligated to write and submit a post on one designated blog for 31 days.

2)  I have other blogs that I need to write posts for, two of which I’ve neglected.

3)  One of the goals I’ve set for myself and my business is to focus more on Article Marketing.

4)  Another goal is to increase my online visibility.

Here are the reasons why I went ahead and made the commitment:

1)  Writing and submitting a new post each day allows me to provide more valuable content for my readers.

2)  Because my blog will be updated daily, the Search Engines will crawl my blog frequently and this will increase my rankings.

3)  One of the most effective ways to increase my online visibility is to have a blog that provides valuable content and that’s updated regularly.  And additional benefit is that with more readers who may be Alexa users themselves, my Alexa rankings are likely to increase.

4)  I can re-purpose my blog posts into articles and submit these to the various article directories, the main one I submit to is In so doing I’d be able to maintain my goal of focusing more on Article Marketing.

Here is a bonus reason:  During the last challenge I had the privilege of meeting some remarkable people and build friendships and working relationships with like-minded people.  This is an opportunity to engage in virtual networking especially if you work from home and may have small children that limit you from attending local networking events.

If you’ve hesitated to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge for reasons similar to mine, I hope you will see that the benefits far outweigh any negative thoughts you may have. I invite you to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge by visiting or clicking on the banner on the upper left-hand side of this website.

Please share one thing that motivated you to join the challenge.

12 Comments to “4 Reasons Not To Join a Blog Challenge and 5 Reasons Why You Need to Do So”

  1. Great first post for the challenge. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    I joined the blog challenge in order to blog more consistently. I’m busy with a lot of other things, as you are. I spend time maintaining and marketing my main web site. Lately I haven’t blogged as much as I’d like.
    Plus networking is always great.

    The downside is I found out today that my tweets aren’t showing up in the #blogboost list. I don’t know what’s going on with that, but I’ll keep writing.

  3. Thank you, Jeannie, and I look forward to visiting your website and getting to know you through your posts.

  4. Hi Sherry, The blog challenge will definitely keep you motivated to blog more frequently and I can relate to being busy, because most of us wear many hats. I wish you much success with the challenge and please reach out if you feel overwhelmed. I will be happy to help support your goals 🙂 Re the hashtag…that’s weird..I hope that can be worked out for you.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yvonne

  5. What a great blog post. The reason you give to participate in the challenge show why it is valuable to participants. The value out weighs any concern not to blog. Meeting and commenting on other participants blog post is a great way to generate friendship and business relationships. I look forward to reading more of your post.

  6. Hi Yvonne,
    I joined the blog challenge to blog more consistently. It seems with everything there is to do, that get put on the back burner at times. Plus I am looking forward to make new friends. Nice to meet you!

  7. Welcome and Thank You, David and George, for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your positive and supportive comments and I look forward to getting to know you both as well. It’s exciting to have a way of connecting and supporting each other in our online business and though it truly is a challenge, we can do it!
    Best regards,

  8. MJ Schrader says:

    Yvonne, I agree. There are other blogs I need to write for, and articles to write. Although it does mean I can take articles and create posts, or turn posts into articles.

    But making the commitment to keep growing is important. 🙂
    Thank you Yvonne for the reminder of both points

  9. Yvonne:

    Great to see that you are doing a second 30 day blog challenge. There are so many personal and professional benefits with participating with a blog challenge or any type of a challenge. Look forward to seeing your inspirational blog posts.


  10. Sheila Atwood says:

    Good to see you join the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It looks like a lot of fun. And what great support!

    I have completed 3 30day challenges and the benefits have been more than I expected.

    Although the 31 day challenge was a temptation I have committed to complete other tasks during this time. Staying committed is one o the things I learned while doing the challenges.

    It will be fun to follow posts for this challenge.

  11. MJ and Jane, It’s so good to see you in another blog challenge and it is quite a commitment, but as you both said there are significant benefits and we are less likely to ‘beg off’ when we have accountability partners. I look forward to visiting your sites and absorbing the valuable information you present in your posts.

  12. Hi Sheila, It’s good to remain connected with you even though you are not participating in this challenge. You decision highlights one of the benefits we have as business owners. We are responsible for making the best decisions that affect us and our business at any given time, and you’ve chosen to focus on other tasks. I can appreciate that and look forward to visiting with you and keeping connected.


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