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5 Action Steps To Keep Your Focus in Your Online Business

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Uncategorized

In my last post we highlighted how easy it is to allow ourselves to become distracted from our focus.  Here are 5 recommended action steps to help you to maintain your focus:

1.  Be specific in your objective. This makes a huge difference in reducing the level of distractions as your objective can be as broad as the ocean, which leaves you with a lot of room to flounder and get lost; or it can be narrow or focused as a little pond in your backyard that allows you limited freedom, but provides a place for growth.

For example: If your objective is “to make money online as an internet marketer” that is way to vague and you will lose focus by becoming bedazzled by all the information on the internet.  On the other hand make your objective more specific; perhaps, “I am going to be the best Affiliate Marketer I can learn to be in the next 6 months.” That will be your focus for the next six months so you will ignore all the other ‘opportunities’ that are offered to you.

2.  Have strategies in place to achieve your objective. Your strategy would involve putting on blinders to shield you from any other ‘opportunities’ that may be offered to you on the internet.  Instead, you are then going to focus on training from one or two experts who are currently doing Affiliate Marketing, someone like Connie Green who has proven by the prizes she’s won in Affiliate Marketing competitions that she is a  Super Affiliate and follow all the steps that she teaches.

3.  Determine what tactics you will  employ. You will need to set aside time on a daily basis to educate yourself and implement the strategies taught.  Both go hand in hand; you first learn then you take action.

4.  What is your ultimate goal; your Why for being in business? You often have to dig deep down into you inner self to find the answer.

5.  Be determined and disciplined. All of these steps take determination and discipline.  Discipline to stay the course and maintain your focus; determination because there are situations that will arise and may throw you off course.  Your determination will allow you to get back on track even if you fall several times.  These situations can be internal or external; however, when you are focused you will let nothing stand in your way but will find ways to deal with or overcome the challenges.

Do you have other steps that have worked for you?  Please share in the comments so we can all benefit.

6 Comments to “5 Action Steps To Keep Your Focus in Your Online Business”

  1. Good topic! This is a real challenge for me. One thing that is helpful is to tend to my morning routine. Someone suggested that I do my writing first thing before checking email, etc. When I follow that advice I get much more done. I find email, etc very distracting.

    I have also recently unsubscribed to lists that may be of good quality, but have proven to be too much to attend to. Your advice to stick to one mentor at a time is good.

  2. I, like Janet have recently cleaned house. I have eliminated all but 4 Gurus that I follow. The information overload was getting more than I could handle.

    Now that I’m taking steps that are more simplified… my businesses is growing because I’m more focused.

  3. Yvonne-

    Totally agree with you as a newbie whether it’s internet marketing, online or offline there are so many things going on that one can get sidelined if one does not stay focused. These five tip are a great resource. I like #5 be determined and disciplined.

  4. Janet, Kathryn, and Jane: Thank you for your comments and sharing what has been working for you.
    Janet: It was hard for me to ignore e-mails as I turn on my computer, but it is true that doing that first thing in the morning is not in your best interests. And you are proof that tending to your morning routine first works to your advantage.
    Kathryn: It’s the little things that we do in our business that keep us moving forward, isn’t it? By unsubscribing to so many e-mails you are more focused and your business is growing as a result.
    Jane: I’m glad these tips are a valuable resource for you. It does take determination to be disciplined 🙂
    Best regards,

  5. Claudio Schmidt says:

    Greetings, I like your website. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a note to let you know, good job! Thanks

  6. Thank you, Claudio, for leaving your comment. I found your note encouraging 🙂


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