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5 Essential Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business

A characteristic is defined as
the distinctive quality of someone or something; moral strength.  In
order to become a successful entrepreneur, it's essential to have the
following qualities:

1.  A passion for business:  This must come from within.  It's the main
way that you'll be able to maintain your enthusiasm and interest in
your business, as well as allow you to find ways to overcome obstacles.

2.  Be a leader and decision-maker:  An entrepreneur needs to learn this quality for you will need to be able to guide and influence others. 
Your ability to make decisions of major importance will grow, but do
not allow lack of experience to stop you from making progress and becoming successful in your
new business.

3.  Be clever, be smart: This is referred to in some circles as having
'native intelligence.'  Be discerning so you're not taken advantage of
in your business dealings.  You need to be mentally alert and show
intelligence so as to earn the respect of your network – clients and
customers. At the same time maintain a sense of humor, which can
lighten or diffuse any unpleasantness.

4.  Be a risk-taker: You will never have all the answers or be able to
foresee all outcomes of a particular action, but as an entrepreneur, you will have to take
risks from time to time.  It's just a part of doing business.

5.  Be honest and trustworthy: People will do business with people they
know, like and trust.  It is an essential part of doing business. It takes time to develop relationships, but when
people know you are a person of integrity, you are more likely to keep
them as clients or customers for life.

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  1. Excellent and well written. Thank you for this.

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