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Starting Your Online Business: An Interview with Chris Farrell

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Now that you have developed the right mindset and a simple business plan in place, you’re ready to take the next steps in starting your online business.  Before we discuss some of the technology you need, I’d like to share a video interview with Chris Farrell, an Internet Marketer who has made millions since coming online in 2008, and who has a wonderful teaching style.

In this interview Chris explains that it is possible to make money online, but there are some things you need to be aware of so you do not become discouraged easily.

As Chris mentioned, you must treat your online business as a business, and like any other business it takes time to start making real money in your online business because there are systems that need to be in place first.  We start discussing those in my next post in the series.

What are your thoughts on the video? Do you believe Chris Farrell painted a realistic picture?  Please share in the comments.

Take Time to Smile and Keep the Fun in Your Business

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The headline reads, “Smiles Can Ease Stress at the Office.” The article was written by syndicated columnist, Michelle Singletary, and in it she mentioned the number of businesses that were laying off staff and closing locations leaving those employees who kept their jobs to shoulder more responsibility.  She noted that this added more stress to the employees who remained.

In the article Michelle also reviewed a book that focused on the the need for levity in the workplace. The book highlighted the need for employers to create a fun and light atmosphere on the job and incorporate these in emails, memos, voice mails, meetings, and training sessions.

As I read the article I thought of how this article could be applied to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Do you work from home full-time? Are you alone in your home office day after day? Do you take time to smile or even laugh? If you are a small business owner with a brick and mortar store, like a boutique, do you find ways to inject humor into your interactions with your clients and prospects?

There are many types of small businesses where there is a lot of interaction with the public. For example, hair salons, spas, auto supply stores, hardware stores, fabric stores, etc. Because of this interaction there is no shortage of communication and opportunities to inject humor into your day; but taking or making opportunities to smile or laugh when you’re alone may not be something many of us think (more…)

Critical Elements of Your Written Business Plan – The Sections (Part 2)

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The first part of your business plan takes into consideration your target audience, what they expect, and how the product or service you will be providing will meet or exceed their needs and expectations. 

The following sections will apply across the board, but keep in mind that if your audience includes investors, venture firms, and or banks, your business plan would be much more detailed.  These are ‘bare bones’ guidelines written with the entrepreneur, solo-professional, or small business owner who needs to have a written business plan to serve as a guide or track to run on.

 When organizing a business plan, break it down into sections such as:-

 1.  Business summary – The product or service you will provide.  What you will have to offer must be clearly defined.  Imagine that a stranger is reading your document.  By the end of the first paragraph your reader must clearly understand whether you will be (more…)

Start Your Online Business with a Written Business Plan

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“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The above quote may be regarded by some as a cliché, but it is also a very true statement.

You’ve decided to start your own online business and may fall into one of these categories:

  • You’re brand new to starting a business
  • You’re brand new to starting on online business
  • You have an offline business but want to build an online presence in order to attract more clients or customers

What You Have in Common

The common denominator  for all three groups is that in order to reach your goals and experience success, you must have a plan in writing (more…)

3 Tips on Providing Superior Customer Service Online

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Providing superior customer service in your online business is essential to building lasting relationships with customers and clients.  It is an integral part of doing business on the internet.  Note that even if you do not have a product and are not yet providing a service other than writing a very informative blog, consider your visitors as your customers or clients.

Understand What the Customer Wants: It’s important to understand buying triggers and purchasing behavior.   I love to share products that I’ve found valuable with others.  These (more…)

Goal-Setting for Entrepreneurs – Purpose and Benefits

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Goal-setting is a process for personal planning.  It could be regarded as a tool for narrowing your focus and segmenting your business so that you can evaluate where you need to give more attention for maximum results.

Goal-setting provides you with long-term vision, while providing you with short-term motivation.

Benefits of Goal-Setting for Entrepreneurs

  • Setting goals allows you to determine what you want to achieve in your business:

–  Do you want to have a hobby that provides a small extra income?

–  Do you want to have a serious business that generates a healthy cash flow? (more…)

Building an Online Business Goes Beyond Being “In The Mood”

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Recently I read a quote by author Pearl Buck: “I don’t wait for moods.  You accomplish nothing if you do that.  Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.”

Building a successful business online brings a lot of satisfaction, but it also brings its own challenges so I really appreciate the above quote.  Because we are our own boss we can make excuses for ourselves why we cannot work in our business at any given time.

“It’s too cold and gloomy today.” Well, you’re working from home!  Turn on or up the heater, turn on more lights and get to work.  I found that while they cost more the “Daylight” or “Natural Light” compact fluorescent lightbulbs make a huge difference, whether I’m working at nights or on a cloudy day.

Compare that to trudging through snow or cold winds to get to a job and you’ll feel better.  Building an online business (more…)

10 Basic Link Building Strategies for Online Marketers

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I recently decided to do some research on link building to make sure that I was using the most effective link building strategies in my online business, and especially as it relates to the hub of my business, my blog. During my research I discovered many link building strategies, but here  are 10 basic tips to link building that even persons who are brand new to internet marketing can begin to implement.  I will go into more detail on some of these in a future post.

1.  Offer valuable, high-quality information on your blog.  This will bring more ‘organic links’ to your blog.  This means that you will naturally attract readers or traffic to your website  by providing good content.

2.  Make your visitors feel welcome to your website by sharing a little about you in a “Bio” or on an “About” page; and make it easy to navigate.

3.  Ask and answer questions on Yahoo Answers.  There are lots of Google groups that you can visit and ask or answer questions.  Your comments will link back to your website or blog.

4.  Visit forums in your niche.  Spend short amounts of time getting a feel of the forum as a guest then when you decide to join, create a signature which will include your URL to your website or blog. When you ask questions or post comments you will link back to your blog.

5.  Become an active part of the blogosphere.  Bloggers are like a community online and when you visit other blogs and leave valuable comments you usually can post your website address. Many bloggers will visit your website and return the courtesy.

6.  You can submit your site to web link directories.  There are paid ones, but initially just submit to directories that allow free submissions.

7.  Be a Guest Blogger on other blogs.  These blogs can be in your niche or they may relate somehow.  You’ll see examples of Guest Bloggers who have submitted posts on my blog.  My most recent post as a Guest Blogger was “4 Effective Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Online Business” on

8.  Article submission.  A good-quality article that has a keyword rich title and one that is optimized with keywords can be submitted to not just one but to many article directories.  Once people are able to find your article and benefit from the content, you will get inbound links rather quickly.

9.  Social Media is an effective way to get inbound links.  The main sites that I’d encourage you to spend some time on if you are not already doing so are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

10. Social Bookmarking.  This is one area that I have not explored, but my research indicates that it’s an effective strategy.  Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon are great ways to get links to your site.  You  register and submit your site or articles for people to bookmark, which gives you popularity and more links.

If you were to read my recent guest post mentioned above, you’ll note that some of these strategies are mentioned.  This is because many of the marketing strategies that attract traffic to our website or blog are the same that will give us back-links, one-way links and grow our link building strategies effectively.

2 Ways to Improve our Writing Skills and Become a Better Blogger

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Savvy internet marketers consider their blog their home on the internet and therefore seek to improve their writing skills to become a better blogger.

Here are two ways that we can implement in our blogging schedule to become a better blogger.

1.  Write Keyword-Rich Posts

There are times you write an article about a topic that answers a question one of your readers asked.  However, it’s recommended that you optimize at least post every week.  A quick way to identify keywords and long-tail keyword phrases on your topic is to use Google keyword tool at or

2.  Create Variety in Your Posting Style

To create variety for your readers, you may want to write posts of different lengths – some long, some short.  This post is an example that. Most of my posts are between 300 and 500 words so to have a post of  less that 200 words took a lot of effort on my part to condense these points.

I’d love to get your opinion…and I promise not take it badly:)  I want you to enjoy your visit to my website.  Which type of post would you prefer to read on my blog?

1.  Longer, ‘meaty’ posts as is my preferred writing style, or

2.  Short, concise posts.

Please leave your comments in the ‘Comment’ section.

Relationship Marketing Using a Unique Greeting Card System

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woman reading a gift card

How many times you’ve been out shopping and as you walk back through your door you recall that you should have bought some greeting cards?  Have you ever suddenly remembered that it’s your best friend’s Anniversary in a week’s time and you have not mailed her a greeting card, or even purchased it yet?  How many times have you thought of sending your clients a “thank you” card but the thought of writing 20, 30 or 50 cards is so daunting you never get started?

I know this happens because it used to happen to me.  I’ve also had people tell me in March that they have unwritten cards they should have sent out in November or December of the previous year but it was such an overwhelming task that it got started but was not completed.

Send Out Cards is a unique greeting card system with a complete online service (more…)