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How Do You Know You Are Moving Beyond the Newbie Internet Marketer Stage?

By: Yvonne A Jones Category: Branding, Business - Entrepreneur, Business - Home-Based Business, Mindset

If you are fairly new to internet marketing and consider yourself a newbie, there are certain things you can do to determine for yourself how well you are progressing in your internet marketing career.  I use the word career, because this is how you should view it so that it has a place of integrity in your mind.  This post is not intended for the person who is just toying with the idea of having an online business, but for the person who is serious about providing products of services for their market and is interested in creating the right mindset and building their brand.

You must have a framework in which you are able to identify where you currently are, and where you would like to be in three to six months, and even in a year’s time.  Within this framework here are five of the many questions you can ask yourself:

  • How much money are you currently earning, and how much would you like to be earning in six months?  It’s important to be realistic.  Set achievable but realistic goals.
  • How do you currently make your  money online? Are you using Affiliate Marketing?  If so , are you using effective strategies? Is this something that you will continue to do in the next six months?

This post is not intended to go into great depths as I am not an Affiliate Marketing expert.  Affiliate Marketing is one of the methods I use and I recently took a class that has enhanced my understanding of the topic.  In the next couple of months, as I implement what I learn and progress I will be able to share this information with confidence.

  • If you are using AdSense, are you doing so in the most effective and profitable manner?
  • How are you currently marketing? Is what you’re currently doing successfully bringing enough visitors to your web pages, and, if not, do
    you know how to improve for better results?
  • Are you currently utilizing the time that you spend on your online marketing activities most effectively? If not, what changes can you make that will increase your  effectiveness and efficiency?
  • And a bonus question: How are you connecting with or communicating with your customers to make them feel special and encourage customer loyalty?

These are only some of the questions we need to ask ourselves as it is so easy to think we are doing what we should  be doing since we are busy all time time.

Please share what other areas you give consideration to in checking on your progress.

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6 Comments to “How Do You Know You Are Moving Beyond the Newbie Internet Marketer Stage?”

  1. Kat Simpson says:

    Good thoughts! In some ways I think we _all_ will _always_ be newbies. Internet marketing and the entire eCommerce world are growing and changing at such an astonishing rate – we must be constantly learning and re-evaluating . . . .


  2. I agree that we have to keep learning and re-evaluating to make sure that the strategies we are using are the most effective and what our clients are looking for, Kat. But in order to get beyond the newbie stage we have to take action; we have to be careful not to spend most of out time learning and not doing. 🙂
    Thanks for you insightful comments.


  3. Kat Simpson says:

    EXCELLENT point. On eBay we refer to that as ‘paralysis by analysis’ LOL

  4. Karen Kay says:

    It takes a while to gauge progress for me. I seem to ebb and flow, depending on what projects I am working on, whether it is busy season at my regular job, etc.

    However, the part about relationships is a good point, and I think probably a good way to gauge. No matter what else is going on, I try to keep in touch and keep meeting new people. Relationships are vital for me.

  5. I totally understand, Karen, as that is something I constantly work on. We know consistency is the key, and although we’re motivated it sometimes is a challenge not to ‘ebb and flow’ 🙂 But even with an ‘ebb and flow’ rhythm, there will be progress if we never give up.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. Exactly, Kat 🙂


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