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Building an Online Business Goes Beyond Being “In The Mood”

December 01, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: online business, Uncategorized

Recently I read a quote by author Pearl Buck: “I don’t wait for moods.  You accomplish nothing if you do that.  Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.”

Building a successful business online brings a lot of satisfaction, but it also brings its own challenges so I really appreciate the above quote.  Because we are our own boss we can make excuses for ourselves why we cannot work in our business at any given time.

“It’s too cold and gloomy today.” Well, you’re working from home!  Turn on or up the heater, turn on more lights and get to work.  I found that while they cost more the “Daylight” or “Natural Light” compact fluorescent lightbulbs make a huge difference, whether I’m working at nights or on a cloudy day.

Compare that to trudging through snow or cold winds to get to a job and you’ll feel better.  Building an online business (more…)

Starting An Internet Business: Should You Create Your Own Product?

October 14, 2010 By: Yvonne A Jones Category: affiliate marketing, Business - Home-Based Business

Starting an internet business can be confusing and challenging.  As a beginner doing research on how to proceed you will frequently see the statement that to be successful on the internet, you must create your own product.

Creating your own product is a goal that all internet marketers should strive for.  But, is this the best starting point for a beginner or ‘newbie’ to internet marketing?


  • Your first product will likely be a free report, but you may also create an  ebook for sale. Digital products are the most popular products to create.
  • A well-written ebook will give the author expert status and sales; the author can become well-known quickly, allows for Joint Venture opportunities.
  • The reader is able to download the ebook immediately. Solid information on a specific topic in provided in one place; one document.


  • A well-written ebook may take several weeks or even months to complete research and writing.
  • Being new in starting your internet business you may be relatively unknown so you may not be perceived as an expert who can provide information that people may want to buy.
  • Lack of experience in marketing online so as to promote your product effectively and implement systems for payment.

Of course there are always exceptions, as someone may already be a successful writer or have offline marketing experience that allows him/her to transition more quickly into their internet business and produce a 25-30 page or more ebook very quickly.

If creating your own product may not be the best starting point in your internet business, what are your options?  My Mentor, Connie Ragen Green has often said that Affiliate Marketing was what she started with when she started her business online, and Affiliate Marketing is responsible for approximately 50% of her income today.  I was a student in Connie’s 1st Affiliate Marketing class earlier this year and am allowed to attend her new session, which she’s teaching again.  Connie is an expert at teaching Affiliate Marketing as she has become a Super-Affiliate. It’s not too late to join Connie’s class today.  This is the last time she will be offering this class in 2010. Click here to learn more.